Moving Out For The First Time

Moving Out For The First Time: Everything You Need To Know

Moving out for the first time can be a stressful, exhilarating, and slightly melancholy experience all at the same time. Because there's a lot to keep in mind, here are some helpful tips for moving.

You're moving out for the first time in your adult life! Congratulations! Adulting does not have to be a tough experience. You'll be on your own and thriving before you know it if you follow the steps on this checklist. We've put together the ultimate moving-out to ensure you have everything you need for successful adult life. Read on to learn more.

Take Care Of Your Finances

While you were still living at home, it's likely that you had some sort of financial safety net in place. Given that you're moving out on your own, you'll need a greater understanding of what a budget is and how it functions. Even if it isn't the most enjoyable stage in the process of moving out of your parents' house, it is a necessary one. Start with the following:

● Begin keeping track of your monthly expenses to determine your average monthly spending patterns. Begin by making a list of all of your non-negotiable payments, such as your car, groceries, phone bill, meal planning, and so on. Then figure out how much you'll require, as well as how much you can afford and want to spend on rental housing expenses.
● Preparing a budget for moving out — including the moving expense of hiring a mover or renting a moving truck — is essential. Get a set price, so you know exactly what you're getting into, and compare the costs of renting a truck with hiring expert movers.
● Calculate how much money you will have left over to spend on the items you will need to buy for your first apartment–toilet paper, a coffee table, etc. Given that you'll almost certainly be required to pay a deposit as well as your first month's rent, set aside some additional funds in the months leading up to your relocation.
● Keep a credit card for emergencies.

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Secure a Stable Income

Young adults who are just starting their careers typically begin their ascent to the top in a position that is considered an "entry-level role." In most industries, such occupations are not known for their generous pay scales, but don't let that deter you from applying! Instead, utilize this employment as an opportunity to demonstrate and develop your abilities and ambitions and make sound plans for your future success.

Keep in mind that if your entry-level work does not provide enough income to cover your rent, it may not be the best time to move out on your own until you have established some financial security.

Get Good Health Insurance

Trust us when we say you do not want to overlook this checkbox on your moving out for the first time checklist. You could think you're indestructible right now, but if you get the flu or break a bone, you'll need health insurance coverage to assist with the costs of your medical treatment.

According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the average cost of an emergency department visit is $1,233. Visiting an urgent care center without insurance can cost as much as $150 per visit – not including the cost of any necessary medicines.

Hire a Good Moving Service

The following is one of the moving recommendations that many people often overlook: hiring a professional moving company will eliminate the stress and backache associated with the process of relocating come moving day. Allow a team of full-service movers, like GTA Moving Services to handle the heavy lifting and ensure that your first moving experience is a positive one.

We are professional movers and packers who can assist you in storage and packing everything, including different types of pianos and refrigerators, and get you moved promptly and safely to the location of your choice. Using the services of a professional moving team can help you save on moving costs and hassle. Our professional moving team will plan and execute your relocation step by step, ensuring a safe and efficient transition.

Start Looking for a House Beforehand

This may take some time, but if you don't rush it, it will undoubtedly be worth it in the long run. On the internet, there are numerous resources for finding a nice apartment, and the best place to begin is with your social media profiles.

● Make a public announcement that you're seeking a nice rental and wait to see what comes up. Make a clear distinction between your price range and preferred location.
● Consider choosing a location that is convenient to your place of employment and other points of interest. For example, you might want to live in close proximity to a gym, a park, or a particularly good bakery.
● Make certain that your new home is secure. If the rent appears too low, investigate the crime rate on that particular street before signing the lease agreement.
● Make a decision on how crucial it is for your new apartment to be close to convenient public transportation. It has the ability to make your social life more vibrant, and it may even allow you to get rid of your car and save money on gas.

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Make Sure You Like Your New Neighborhood

Once you've picked a place, ensure that you're completely satisfied with the surroundings. It can be quite simple to make concessions - you may believe that walking an hour to the station is worth it for the money you save when paying rent, but doing so every day could become tiresome very quickly! Visit at various times of the day to get a sense of the flow of traffic, and if you want parking, check the limitations and how busy the route is before proceeding.

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Prepare Yourself Emotionally

It's totally normal to be anxious or even depressed at the prospect of leaving your home. Make a pact with your parents on when you'll next see each other — for example, do you intend to invite friends and family over on the weekend?

If this is your first time living alone, you may be apprehensive about the possibility; thus, take whatever precautions are necessary to ensure your safety. Change the locks, introduce yourself to the neighbors, or, if you haven't already, set aside some time on moving day to walk about the neighborhood and get to know your new home and surroundings.

It's possible that your first night alone in your new home will be strange — you'll be getting acclimated to new sounds in the house, sounds from the road, or perhaps a level of quiet that you're not accustomed to! Invite a friend over to your house for a first-night sleepover if you're feeling a little uneasy about the situation. This means you'll get assistance with your unpacking as well!


Making the decision to move out of your parents' home is a major step, especially if it means that you will be living on your own for the first time in your adult life. However, if you take the time to prepare properly and complete all of the items on our moving checklist, you'll feel at ease in no time and be ready to enjoy your newfound freedom right away.

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