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We provide more than mere moving

If you are searching for a moving company in Ajax that will go the extra mile to serve, look no further than GTA Moving. Boasting the most professional and well-trained personnel in the moving and storage industry, GTA Moving ensures that your belongings are safely packed and taken to their new destination without any problem.

We are a full service moving company

We offer the full range of moving services.

We do piano moving

A piano is a massive and delicate musical instrument, making it very difficult to transport it from one place to another. No amateur can handle it, especially if the weight of the piano exceeds 1000 pounds. It is not just its size but also its sensitivity that poses a threat. Hire piano movers in Ajax and let the experts handle the task with their good service.

We do storage

Being the hardest task in moving, finding good packing services in Ajax takes a lot of research. GTA Moving has exceptional packing services and packs your belongings carefully and in an organized manner. There is no compromise on the quality of the packing supplies, including moving boxes in Ajax. Once packed, all the packages are labeled so that it is convenient for the clients to unpack them.          

We do commercial moving

Business moving can be more pressurizing as compared to a residential move. A company is burdened with the responsibility of carrying out the move efficiently, without any compromise on its business operations. Office moving in Ajax has never been so convenient. From meticulously packing your documents to moving the electronic appliances with care, our team will ensure a pleasant commercial moving experience for you.

We do long-distance moving

Being an expert in long-distance moves, GTA Moving offers reasonable pricing and a free in-house quote, allowing you to budget your move efficiently. GTA Moving operates within 100 km around the GTA area and can organize moves up to 700 km away from Toronto. Your belongings are kept safe as our staff adheres to safe practices in long-distance moving.

Get a free estimate for your move

Once you get a quote from our moving company in Ajax, Ontario, there is no change in the prices from the day the contract is signed to the date of service. We are also available to provide you with our moving and storage services within 60-90 minutes of placing an order.

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