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Have you heard of a movers in Aurora, Ontario that makes its services available within 60 to 90 minutes of placing an order? With a highly-trained and professional team, we make all your moving and storage needs our own. From packing your belongings to reassembling them in the new house, everything is done in a very organized manner.

We are a full service moving company

We offer the full range of moving services.

We do piano moving

Pianos are bulky objects that require a lot of effort and care while being moved. No amateur can handle them because a single wrong movement can destroy your prized possession and damage other things in the house as well. Hire the best piano movers in Aurora, who will employ the most professional movers to transport your valuable instrument from one place to another.

We do packing

Packing is usually the hardest task of moving. Safely storing every item and ensuring that they withstand the roughness of traveling is tedious. To escape the stress, hire the most professional packing services in Aurora that will neatly organize your items before setting them off to their new location. We are equipped with high-quality moving supplies and offer generous prices.          

We do commercial moving

An ideal office move is the one that doesn't interfere in your business tasks. The complications of office moving in Aurora have been minimized by the business moving services provided by GTA Moving. Whether you are moving across the city or just one block away, we will meticulously handle your office furniture and equipment and make this move smoother than your anticipation.

We do long-distance moving

Long-distance moving is associated with a lot of stress, and that is why many people dread it. From the pressure of traveling long distance to handling the high costs involved in it, everything makes this kind of move inconvenient. However, Aurora movers will make your experience stress-free. Working 100 km around the Greater Toronto Area, they can organize moves up to 700 km away from Toronto.

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