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We Are Movers That Provide Packing Services

With movers and packers in GTA Moving, you do not have to invest all your time and energy into the moving process. If you have a lot of items to pack, there are chances of improper packing which is the most common reason behind most moving disasters. Thus, special attention needs to be paid in placing your goods safely into the boxes.

It is very important to have packing supplies of high quality as proper packing is impossible without them. Poorly packed items are prone to damage during the moving process and a little negligence may result in damaging or even losing valuable items.

Instead of going through the hassle yourself, you can hire the services of Toronto professional packers who can do the job for you professionally. GTA Moving is equipped with all the packing supplies and will treat your fragile items with the utmost care. Each new packing job is carried out with a distinct and well-thought plan.

We work with packing experts who are friendly and efficient. The best moving boxes are provided for delicate equipment, art, and electronics. We also provide clear and up-front estimates for our packing services so that our clients could plan their budget accordingly.

Areas We Cover as Movers and Packers

Our movers and packers work in Toronto and also in different parts of the Greater Toronto Area including the following:

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Why Choose GTA Moving as Your Packer

With years of experience being professional packers in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, GTA Moving Services has hands-on knowledge regarding each and every aspect of packing. Let us give you some strong reasons to choose us over any other relocation service:

  • We strictly follow the Carriage of Goods Acts and observe safe business practices at all stages of moving and packing.
  • Your items are given guaranteed safety while they are in our possession. Whether the items need to be transported or stored in our facilities, we ensure their protection.
  • Our employees and the work they do for us is covered by WSIB.
  • Apart from providing moving and packers services, we are also pioneers in climate-control storage facilities.
  • We offer reasonable prices for our exceptional services.
  • Before you hire us as your movers and packers, we will provide an estimated quote according to the services you want to get.
  • Our staff consists of professional movers and packers.
  • We are equipped with high-quality packing supplies and can do the job in minimum time.
  • Our staff is very polite and will adhere to your needs and demands.
  • We provide special assistance in packing electronics and art items.
  • We provide breakage-coverage for the boxes which are packed by our team.

How We Pack

We have the best packing and moving supplies to do our job in the most appropriate manner. It guarantees that our clients have stress-free moving experiences and get all the things done as per their wish. As you hire us for packing and moving, we will perform the following services for you:

  • Our staff is pro at disassembling equipment and placing it carefully in cardboard boxes.
  • Once the items are placed in the boxes, each box is labeled so that it becomes easier to put them on the right spot in the new place.
  • The arrangements for elevator service are made in advance, and it is the responsibility of the manager to inform you about the elevator requirements.
  • All your cupboards and drawers are checked carefully, and the contents are emptied and put in carton.
  • The breakables are wrapped in paper before they are placed in carton.
  • Small items such as pins and paper clips are put in envelopes.
  • Papers, pens, and other loose items are wrapped with rubber bands.
  • Other items are packed in plastic wrap prior to the move.

The charges involved in home packing services vary according to each move. There are various factors that influence it and to get an estimate, you should contact the company managers. The prices of the most commonly used items such as moving boxes and packing paper are given below:

  • Small box - $4.49
  • Medium box - $4.99
  • Large box - $7.99
  • Wardrobe box - $34.99
  • TV box - $34.99
  • Tape - $4.99
  • Shrink wrap - $29.99
  • Packing paper 25LB - $39.99

We provide an accurate quote of the move as the clients present their distinct requirements. After the deal is done with GTA Moving, there can be no changes in the price.

Other Our Services

Moving Services

packer and moversWe start our residential moving process by getting one of our specialists in contact with you. This helps in discussing the demands and concerns of each and every client and planning the move accordingly. A dedicated team of movers providing packing service is then allotted to cover the entire move.

Our trained professionals have a reputation for providing only top-notch services. They are regularly trained to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary skills to pack, load, and move your items. An on-location manager makes sure that the team follows all the guidelines on the moving day.

Storage Services

movers packing serviceProviding our clients multiple options in storage units, we allow them to make a choice which suits them the best. From your important documents to your vehicles, you can keep almost anything and everything in our storage facility. We have bright, clean, secure, and modern storage spaces that are loaded with amenities.

Your belongings remain untouched and unharmed once they are stored with us. We provide 24/7 security, video surveillance, and gated entrance to the storage facility. You will get a personal key to the storage space. We also provide the option of shelving to our clients so that they could store smaller items in an organized manner.

Commercial Moving

moving and packing servicesIf you are moving to Toronto, it is definitely a great step for your company. However, settling in a big city comes with its own set of challenges. Moreover, if you don’t move your office with the utmost care, a number of complications can arise within the infrastructure. By only relying on some experienced office movers, one can eliminate the risk involved.

Commercial moving can never be fast-paced as this leads to higher chances of making a mistake. GTA Moving observes special care regarding your documents and sensitive IT infrastructure so that the setup is moved smoothly from one place to another.

Piano Moving

movers and packersThere are various types of pianos, which implies that moving one greatly depends on its size. From smaller pianos standing at 4-feet to larger 5-feet tall pianos, there are many types that require different types of care and effort. Their strings are aligned distinctly and irrespective of the size of the piano, it’s important to take extreme care while moving them.

In GTA Moving, we understand that one wrong step can destroy your valuable possession so special care is taken as we move the piano from one place to another. You might be tempted to do this yourself, but it will be a very high risk to take. We are the most skilled piano movers working at extremely competitive prices.

Long-Distance Moving

pack and move companiesA local distance move is nothing like a local move because of the distance and complexity involved. Even the size of the truck and the number of personnel involved can greatly affect the costs associated with moving. As experienced long-distance movers, we are highly organized and well-trained to perform the job.

For long-distance moving, there are multiple aspects which need to be considered. There will be more trucks involved, stopovers during the journey, and a huge distance to cover. The price is a bit higher for such moves, but GTA Moving dedicates itself to the task the way no other long-distance movers can.

Movers and Packers Reviews

Ramesh Kapoor
5 stars rating

“There are plenty of moving companies that pack and move you but I’ve never seen anyone provide such exceptional services as GTA Moving does.”

Bella Luke
5 stars rating

“I have had a few bad experiences with other pack and move companies, but I am definitely going to hire GTA Moving again. They are the best at what they do.”

Robert Pettigrew
5 stars rating

“I needed to find professional movers providing packing services to carefully pack my items before I moved to Toronto. I was so glad to see that GTA Moving had moving boxes and all other packing and moving supplies.”

Samantha Willis
5 stars rating

“None of the other moving companies can pack and unpack your items that well. GTA Moving provides superior services that cannot be matched by anyone.”

Josh Broke
5 stars rating

“My friend suggested trying their packing service for my moving day, and I am very impressed by their work. Highly recommended!”