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Long Distance Movers in Toronto, Canada

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Your Long Distance Mover in Toronto: Why Choose GTA Moving

When looking for long distance movers in Toronto, Canada, we would highly recommend using GTA Moving Services. Here are some reasons for doing so:

    1. Free Quotation: You are able to access a free in-house quotation related to your moving needs. This will help you to effectively budget your move across the country.
    2. Pricing: Moving costs can vary quite significantly between different companies. We can offer you a reasonable and fair price for the services that they can provide.
    3. Storage and Packaging: It is not always easy to move from one location to another as there is a high risk of damaging some of your valuable items on the way. We ensure that your belongings are packed and unpacked properly and that any storage facility used is of a good standard.
    4. Safety: We can guarantee that your belongings are kept safe as they strictly follow the Carriage of Goods Act and make sure that they adhere to safe practices on all aspects of the move.
    5. Staff: The staff at GTA Moving are professional movers and are covered by WSIB. The company has an efficient communication system to eradicate any snags.

Areas We Service

Our long distance movers working in different areas of Greater Toronto including the following:

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Getting in touch with us is very easy. You can simply contact one of our managers by calling us via telephone or by using the form below. We will be able to give you a free no obligation quotation for your move. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information or to organize your free quotation.

What You Should Consider When Moving Long Distance

A long distance move can differ greatly from a local move as it can often involve the need for more than one type of transportation. Even the difference between a smaller or larger truck can have an impact on your move and the costs associated with it. There are a number of factors that long distance movers need to take into account, for example:

  • Human Factors: these include tiredness and increased stress levels as if you move further, you may require connecting services such as a flight or some other form of large cargo moving facility.
  • Costs: as mentioned briefly above, the further you move, the more it will cost you as you may require storage facilities, different modes of transport, and more fuel due to the distance. An example of this is when moving province to province, this will often cost more than staying in Toronto and its surrounding areas. 
  • Organization: a long-distance move will require in-depth planning and organization as the move may not be able to be completed in one day. You will need to consider aspects such as stopovers, loading and unloading, storage and ways of entertaining children, pets, or older family members during the moving process.

Long Distance Moving Rates Within Canada

Moving in Canada can be costly due to the vast area covered. However, there are many ways to reduce long distance moving costs. You should be aware of what is included in your move to know where exactly you can save up some money. Long distance moving in Canada can conjure up ideas that the cost will be so high that you may consider trying to do it yourself by renting a truck.

However, once you hire GTA, their free estimate is fixed and there are no hidden costs so the price quoted will not change at any point during your move. This is a great tool to have as moving rates for long distance can quickly escalate if things change along the way. Usually many factors influence the final price. For example, a long-distance move between Toronto and Ottawa costs $2299.99 and a 10-hour move to Montreal costs $2699.99. As every situation is different, you should contact our managers to get your free estimate*.

At the moment, GTA Moving operate in Canada, working within 100km around GTA and they can organize moves up to 700km away from Toronto itself. The actual rate has many different factors which influence it and it’s not purely the distance as the weight is also a factor. For extra peace of mind, the rate that you are quoted by GTA Moving will also give you basic movers liability protection. Additionally, you will also be greeted by professional and punctual staff that have a fully equipped truck that can carry your personal effects. GTA Moving have no extra charges if you need to travel up three storeys and delicate items can also be transported by our professional team. Finally, there is no extra cost for furniture items that may need disassembling and reassembling once moved.

*Remember that to get an accurate estimate for every particular client and move, we need to visit your home.

Other Long Distance Moving Services

Long Distance Piano Movers in Toronto

Piano Long Distance Moving Service When moving any distance, you may have an emotional attachment to some of your personal effects. Take for example a piano. Pianos are notoriously difficult to move as they are not only heavy, they can also be easily damaged. Therefore, if you’re in need of long distance piano movers, GTA Moving is the ideal choice as we have a special transportation service for delicate items such as pianos. They will even navigate up to three storeys as mentioned above.

We Know How to Move Your Furniture Long Distance

Long distance furniture moving Long distance furniture moving companies will all offer you the service of moving your personal effects from one location to another. At GTA Services we not only offer very competitive rates, but we also maintain the high standard of service expected from a moving company. Ultimately, long distance movers like us take the stress and burden away from you as a customer, and this is exactly what we are doing.

Small Load Long Distance Moving 

long distance moving companies for small loads We often turn to moving companies when we need to move a large load. We don’t usually consider long distance moving companies for small loads such as a single item. GTA Moving can help with this as we can move small loads and single items in the same way that we would move a heavy or large load. This makes us very different from other moving companies as the size of the load is irrelevant, we can help with any move.


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“GTA Moving is the ideal choice when it comes to long distance furniture movers as they are competitively priced and have expert staff on hand with exceptional customer service.”

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“If you’re looking for affordable long distance moving companies then look no further than GTA Moving Services who offer the ultimate in a moving service.”

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“Budget long distance movers don’t often come with the professionalism of GTA Moving, as usually, a budget company would lack quality. This is not the case for GTA Moving Services! Highly recommended them.”