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In Richmond Hill, everything is grand – you get to live in huge houses and travel really long distances to reach the desired destination. While you may eagerly await a peaceful and comfortable life in this city, you first need to go through the disturbance of moving. There is no denying that Richmond Hill moving is stressful and tiring only if you are unable to hire the most skilled movers in the city.

We are a full service moving company

We offer the full range of moving services.

We do piano moving

You might be tempted to move your valuable piano yourself but there are high chances of you mishandling this expensive item. Instead of having any doubts, hire the best piano movers in Richmond Hill and don’t be a victim of your own insecurities. Pianos are sensitive and the staff at GTA Moving knows how to handle this piece of artwork without causing even a slight damage.

We do packing

Relocating your home is exciting but it also brings about a number of challenges – the foremost being packing all the items neatly. We have a complete range of moving supplies and moving boxes so Richmond Hill relocation won’t be hectic anymore. Our workers help in organizing the stuff in the boxes and ensuring their safety. So, even if you need to travel hundreds of miles, your belongings will not face the hazards of being moved from one place to another.          

We do commercial moving

Being in the business for such a long time allows us to complete the tasks way ahead of time without any disruption. While people may usually forget to check the drawers and cabinets in the office moving, we never miss even a corner. We have specialized staff for handling the technical equipment to avoid any potential damage. It’s better not to create troubles for yourself by trying to do everything on your own when you want to move your office. Hire our trained movers in Richmond hill!

We do long-distance moving

From careful packing of your items to assembling them in your new house, we have got it all covered in the long-distance moves. Throughout the moving to, from or within Richmond Hill, Ontario your items will be monitored by the Quality Assurance Agent. If you’re not satisfied, you are always welcome to sit in the truck and ensure that your stuff is being transported safely to its destination.

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