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Self-Storage in Richmond Hill

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Store Your Items in Richmond Hill with GTA Moving

The importance of storage is often downplayed; however, it plays an essential role in having an organized life. The technological advancements and the heavily industrialized world have rendered us struggling with lesser space along with a higher need for accessibility to our belongings. To keep our living and workspace neat and tidy is quite difficult and time-consuming. In such a scenario, the self-storage in Richmond Hill and other parts of the Greater Toronto Area prove to be a blessing.

A storage facility can provide you ultimate peace of mind by keeping your belongings safely in climate-controlled conditions. The facilities offer varied storage units’ sizes so that you can avail their services according to your distinct needs. From allowing you to keep your huge closets safe to providing small drawer chests for your files and records, Richmond Hill storage units have got you all covered.

While there are plenty of businesses operating in Toronto and its surrounding areas, only a few can provide a firm guarantee to keep your belongings safe. GTA Moving is a pioneer in such services and boasts a very large, satisfied clientele. Our easily accessible storage units meet the highest standards of hygiene and our top-notch customer service cannot be matched by any of our competitors. We work to facilitate our clients and keep their belongings safe even after years of public storage.

By relying on our storage solutions, you can enjoy perks like organizational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and time management. If you frequently move from one place to another, it is better to leave your belongings in a self-storage unit. This will reduce the risk associated with wear and tear of items while moving. GTA Moving will adhere to your requirements and give you the assurance that your items will stay well-protected irrespective of the time they remain in the facility.

How Much Does Storage in Richmond Hill Cost?

There are very bleak chances that there would be any other self-storage in Richmond Hill provider who can beat the prices provided by GTA Moving. We quote according to your need and there no hidden charges.

5x5 450x450 self storage unit in Toronto

5‘ X 5’ Storage Unit

25 sq. ft. hall closet

Unit recommended for storage: chest of drawers, office supplies, files, records, boxes, small furniture items.
5x10 450x450 storage unit layout

5‘ X 10’ Storage Unit

50 sq. ft. walk-in closet

Recommended Storage: mattress, dining room set, a drawer chest, boxes, miscellaneous items.


5 x 15 180x180 secure self storage unit

5‘ X 15’ Storage Unit

75 sq. ft. large walk-in closet

Recommended Storage: couches, washer/dryer, patio furniture, house furniture, a number of small boxes.


10x10 450x450 storage unit

10‘ X 10’ Storage Unit

100 sq. ft. average size bedroom

Recommended Storage: kitchen appliances, washer/dryer, patio furniture, house furniture, many small boxes.


10x15 450x450 storage unit

10‘ X 15’ Storage Unit

150 sq. ft. large bedroom

Recommended Storage: kitchen appliances, washer/dryer, patio furniture, household furniture, many boxes.

from $210

14x20 450x450 storage unit

10‘ X 20’ Storage Unit
200 sq. ft. one-car garage
Recommended Storage: appliances, patio furniture, plenty of boxes, small vehicle, or a boat.

from $275

10x15 450x450

10‘ X 25’ Storage Unit

250 sq. ft. large one car garage
Recommended Storage: appliances, patio furniture, miscellaneous garage items, small boat or vehicle, boxes.

from $320

14x20 450x450

10‘ X 30’ Storage Unit

300 sq. ft. extra-large garage

Recommended Storage: appliances, household and patio furniture, small boat or vehicle, bikes, a few boxes.

from $360


GTA Moving offers a variety of units sizes: 10″X10″, 5″X6″, 5″X5″, 5″X4″ and 4″X4″, OUR SIZES ARE DIFFERENT which will determine the cost of your storage.


Special Features of Storage in Richmond Hill

GTA Moving has superior solutions when it comes to self-storage in Richmond Hill. All our clients can enjoy the following features: GTA Moving provides multiple options in unit sizes with the clients having complete liberty to choose any.

  • There are no unforeseen additional costs, so the customers only pay the pre-decided fixed amount.

  • All our staff is thoroughly professional and highly-trained to observe special care as they carry out their relocation and storage tasks.

  • You will be provided a personal key to the storage unit, which you can either keep yourself or give to the on-site manager.

  • All our clients are allowed to access their belongings within 24 hours’ notice.

  • The climate control facility keeps your belongings safe and clean even after years of staying in the storage unit.

  • Shelves and chest-drawers are provided to facilitate the organization of your belongings.

Moving Services in Richmond Hill

Moving Services in Richmond HillDo you have the energy to manage the entire moving process without taking any professional help? There are rare chances that you’ll be able to do a decent job as you manage your household and professional responsibilities along with it. GTA Moving will utilize its expertise to make the moving process easier without charging you a whopping sum of money.

Along with providing storage in Richmond Hill, Ontario and other GTA vicinities, they are Canada’s foremost moving company. We bear all the physical burden associated with moving for you and our Quality Assurance Agent analyzes the process to ensure the best services. Our movers in Richmond Hill prioritize your unique requirements and tailor our services accordingly so that our clients move happily into their new homes.

Packing Services

Packing in Richmond HillEven if you need to cover a very small distance, moving will always remain a hectic task. By not observing enough care while packing your belongings, you will be highly susceptible to the risk of damaging them. Instead of regretting your hastiness and losing some of the most precious items, it is always advisable to pack your belongings properly.

GTA Moving is equipped with all the essential packing supplies and a well-trained staff who can do the job for you in no time. We know how to place your items carefully inside the box so that even if an unexpected incident happens during the move, the chances of any kind of damage are minimized. Our team is also trained for proper assembling and disassembling of the furniture items.

Reviews of Storage in Richmond Hill

5 stars rating

“The best thing about GTA Moving’s self-storage in Richmond Hill is the cleanliness and hygiene maintained at all levels.”

Cynthia Marshall, Richmond Hill

5 stars rating

“I’m very impressed with the diverse unit sizing in this Richmond Hill storage facility. They have everything that you might be looking for.”

Aman Malik

5 stars rating

“I have tried multiple companies but none of them provide public storage in Richmond Hill as GTA Moving does. Their cooperative staff and high-standard facility have won me over.”

Salma Bill

5 stars rating

“The vehicle storage units provided by GTA Moving are very spacious. I can easily fit in my boat in the unit along with a few other important items.”

Jack Bean

5 stars rating

“It is hard to find a storage location nearby. With GTA Moving having their selected units at multiple locations, it has become possible to find an accessible self-storage in Richmond Hill.”

Helen Kim