Our piano movers based in Toronto will organize a safe and efficient relocation for your musical instrument.

We provide more than mere piano moving

Some of the pianos weigh even more than 1,000 pounds and require a lot of effort to be moved from one place to another. Apart from their size, it is their delicacy that poses a major concern. Instead of trying to handle the object yourself, it is better to let a professional moving company do their job.

We are a full service moving company

We offer the full range of moving services.

We do storage

GTA Moving’s clean and modern storage facilities provide foolproof security to all your valuable devices. The gated entrance, 24-hour security, and video surveillance ensure that your stuff stays guarded at all times. The wide range of sizes gives the clients a choice to select the most suitable storage space. The prices are also very reasonable as 5’ x 5’ storage units can be acquired at $60 per month and the largest 10’ x 30’ is available at a month.

We do packing

Improper packing is the most common reason for disasters happening during the moving process as poorly packed items are more susceptible to damage. Organizing the items in the right manner can ease up the process of settling down in the new place. With all the right packing and storage equipment, GTA Moving Services has to be your perfect choice. Our packing service experts know how to handle fragile as well as heavy items, giving you a stress-free experience.         

We do commercial moving

The office moving services are among the most popular ones given the huge number of companies based in Toronto. You can get in contact with us at any time to lay down your requirements and get a free quote.

We do long-distance moving

GTA Moving carries out its operations in Canada and provides its services within 100 km vicinity of the Greater Toronto Area. Its long-distance moving services accommodate up to 700 km of moving distance from Toronto. Our expert team specializes in long-distance moving and offers such packing and storage services that your items stay guarded irrespective of how long the journey is.

Get a free estimate for your piano move

Find our piano movers in different areas of Greater Toronto. We provide services in various GTA areas — you might be interested in piano moving in Hamilton or piano moving in Mississauga. Give us a call at (416)523-6683 or fill in the online form If you have any questions or would like to receive a free estimate. We’ll get back to you.

On time

Our movers will arrive on time.

Fair price

GTA Moving Services will give you the best and most accurate estimate beforehand.

Helpful customer support team

In order to know the exact cost of hiring our piano movers in Toronto and the GTA, please contact our support team at (416) 523-6683.