Hire our professional piano movers in Mississauga for a safe and quick transportation of your piano. Any piano is a precious and unique object. Its size and weight may vary but, in any case, transporting a piano requires special care.

Hire a moving company that knows how to move your piano

The GTA Moving Services offers a dedicated and experienced team of the best piano movers. You’ll get the most efficient, reliable, and stress-free moving services. Handling musical instruments requires special knowledge and skills and we offer just that. Our professional movers can ease the time, financial, and physical burden of moving a heavy piano without the worry of delay or damage. We will organize your move step-by-step, from packing to relocation and the unpacking.

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Do you need piano moving or packing services in Mississauga? Feel free to contact our managers either by phone or by using the form below. One of our consultants will provide you with an estimate of how much your piano moving will cost. Call us today at (416) 523-6683, let's talk.

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Our team of skilled piano movers will arrive in 60-90 minutes after we confirm your order.

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Is it an upright or a grand piano? Is it winter or summer now? The price will depend on several factors. All in all, moving a piano in Mississauga with us will cost just the right amount of money.

Years of experience

Need to get help with your move within Mississauga? Or your destination is somewhere in Montreal? In either case we can professionally handle the task.