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Moving boxes rental in TorontoSave time, save money, and get moving today!

Moving boxes rental in Toronto

Rent Moving Boxes in Toronto

$1.49 per bin per week
Dimensions: 24″ L x 20″ W x 12 3/8″ H
Mаx weight: 80 lbs

If you are searching to rent moving boxes in Toronto, look no further than GTA Moving as we will provide you with an eco-friendly way for your residential or commercial move. Our plastic moving bins are not only environmentally-friendly, but they will also protect your belongings because of being durable and waterproof.

As soon as you reserve your moving boxes, we deliver them to your given address within 24 hours. We charge a very nominal fee of $75 for the delivery and another $75 for pick up within the Greater Toronto Area. Our bins are easy to handle during loading and unloading, and also allow to optimize the space within the truck.

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Why Choose Moving Bin Rentals?

The reusable moving boxes make the packing and moving process a lot easier. They come with plenty of advantages, and we’ve discussed the most important ones below:


Cardboard boxes are inefficient and susceptible to all kinds of damages during the moving process. On the other hand, a plastic moving box is waterproof, dust-proof, easy to stack, and offers impact protection to your belongings. They can be stacked faster and higher without any fear of crumbling the items inside. You don’t need to go on a cardboard boxes hunt anymore as the rental moving boxes in Toronto are available.


Renting reusable plastic boxes is way cheaper than buying new or used cardboard boxes. All you have to do is ascertain the number of bins required for the entire move and place your order. These bins are spacious and allow you to stack your belongings inside them in a very organized manner. Moreover, if you have hired a moving company, then these boxes will help you in saving further cash as they can accommodate more items and easily moved from one place to another.


Our moving bins are pro-environment and recyclable plastic boxes that endeavor to make the moving process revolutionary by being clean and waste-free. Cardboard boxes are a thing of the past; they deteriorate and contribute to the carbon footprint on the earth. The rental moving bins used in Toronto by GTA Moving are sanitized, cleaned, and de-labeled every time they are sent to a new client to ensure high-quality and safest moving facilities.

Our Reviews

5 stars. GTA Moving Services reviews

“A great team of professionals who were on board to help me with every aspect of moving from renting plastic bins to hiring skilled movers. Their efficient services paced up the moving process, and I was able to rest in my new home way sooner than I had expected."
— Marissa Williams

5 stars. GTA movers reviews

“The staff at GTA Moving is super friendly and addresses all your concerns and queries. They assisted me in choosing the right kind of services, made plastic moving boxes in Toronto available for me, and eased up the moving process for me. ”
– Sam Rook

5 stars. GTA movers reviews

“My biggest concern while moving was to ensure that I do not impact the environment in any negative way. I was so glad to find that GTA Moving is very much dedicated to their cause of eco-friendly moving and have all the means to ensure that they do not leave any carbon footprint.”
— Elise Pearce

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We Are Not Only About Moving Bin Rentals

Apart from providing quality rental moving bins in Toronto, GTA Moving also offers other packing and moving supplies to assist you during your commercial or residential move. We also have dollies, packing paper, bubble wrap, wardrobe boxes, mattress covers, and a wide selection of other items to make it easier for you to pack and move. We make it a point to offer as many eco-friendly supplies and services as possible so that minimum waste produces because of your move.

Also, our team of professionals can make the moving process a breeze for you in Toronto, the GTA and 700 km away from it. We can organize any move and make sure that it stays stress-free for you and safe for the environment. We put special effort to ensure that you don’t have to spend a large sum of money on the move and your relocation stays safe and fast. All we want is that no stress takes away your excitement of moving to a new place while ensuring that the environment is protected as well.