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Moving Bins Rental

$1.49 per bin per week
Dimensions: 24″ L x 20″ W x 12 3/8″ H
Mаx weight: 80 lbs

Looking for moving bins? GTA Moving will provide you with an eco-friendly way to get a move from your home or office. Our environmentally-friendly, waterproof, durable plastic boxes will protect your belongings from any damage. Reserve your moving bins and we’ll deliver them to your address within 24 hours. $75 for the delivery and $75 for the pick up within the GTA. Once you're ready, all the bins can be loaded into a moving truck with ease. This will allow you to maximize the truck's space and ensure safety to all of your valuables.

We can also organize packing, unpacking, and moving within the GTA or long distance upon request.

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5 stars. GTA Moving Services reviews

“I needed to find quality rental boxes for moving and a company that would help me to move to a new place of living. GTA movers helped me with everything I asked for and did their job very well! "
— David Bucker, Ajax

5 stars. GTA movers reviews

“I was searching for a high-rated moving company that would provide long distance move and found the GTA. I was pleasantly surprised to know that I could also rent moving boxes there since I didn’t have any. That was an effortless move indeed, the team are pros. ”
— Jane Lubeck, Newmarket

5 stars. GTA movers reviews

“Since my last moving experience wasn’t really pleasant, I decided to use the services of a reliable company. My friend told me about the GTA and the option to rent boxes for moving. I also found out that they provide packing services (that was crucial to me). I never regretted turning to this company, thank you!”
— Losanna Routard, Toronto

5 stars. GTA movers reviews

“I got a free estimate before moving and liked the price. The boxes for rent I had were quite useful and the team packed and unpacked all of my items carefully. However, the whole process seemed a bit too long for me. Anyway, I recommend their services, it’s a nice moving company.”
— George Burton, Brampton

5 stars. GTA movers reviews

“I opted for the GTA because their list of services includes a moving bins rental. It was important to me to find some boxes that I can return after using them. I was also satisfied with the move and the quality of service.”
— Lucy Jackson, Richmond Hil

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