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Moving Services in Markham

GTA Moving has a very strong network in most parts of Canada and a very strong, supportive clientele. Because of our high-quality services, we have made a name for ourselves as Markham movers who are punctual, efficient, inexpensive, and flexible.

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has become the hub for economic growth with more people moving here and contributing to Canada’s GDP. One such place is Markham, where one can see the potential for their career and grow financially by putting all the efforts in the right place.

The moving industry in Canada is a bit complex because it needs to be flexible to accommodate the ever-changing trends in the industry. The population in the country is on the rise because of the welcoming attitude of the nation towards immigrants and the emergence of multiple job opportunities across the country.

As you move to this new area, you would need the help of a moving company in Markham to set up your new house. You can always carry out all the moving tasks yourself but remember that this requires a wholesome investment of your time and energy. If you can’t take all the pressure and a long off from your workplace, it is better to hire professional movers.

Looking for skilled Oshawa movers or a qualified moving team in Toronto? Here we are! Contact our team today at (416)523-6683! We’d love to make your move worry-free!

Storage in Markham

If you are unable to decide the date of the move, we can keep your belongings safe in our storage facilities as long as you would like us to wait. The storage area has been divided into multiple sections of varied sizes. From the smallest 5’ x 5’ hall closets to 10’ x 30’ extra-large garage, we have got it all for you according to your specific needs.

Not all Markham moving companies offer both moving and storage facilities but GTA Moving does not fall in this list. All over GTA, we have multiple private storage units of different sizes to accommodate your belongings. Without your authorization, no individual can have access to your storage area irrespective of its size.

Piano Movers in Markham

Markham piano movingPianos hold a lot of emotional importance and you would never want to risk its safety. Not all piano movers in Markham can guarantee the kind of effort we put in taking this valuable item from one place to another. We observe special care for the strings and the keys so that your valuable item doesn’t even get a scratch on moving day.

Local Moving in Markham

local moving in MarkhamIf you’re moving down the block or across the town, you might deem it unnecessary to hire a moving service. Many people think that they can handle it all but end up wasting their time, money, and energy. Instead of making yourself sick and calling a day off from work, let us do the job for you. All the tasks will be done and dusted before you can even think of being tired.

Long-Distance Moving Services

long-distance moving in MarkhamA long-distance move is highly demanding and requires you to have someone on board who is experienced. We provide our services across the Greater Toronto Area including western, eastern, northern and southern cities. Despite the distance, we will offer you a very reasonable quote and ensure the safety of your belongings throughout.

Commercial Moving

Commercial and office moving in MarkhamWhether it is an internal move or you need to relocate your entire staff to a new place, exemplary office movers in Markham will minimize your downtime. We will understand that each and every minute is important for you and each and every document has immense significance for your business. Trust us and you’ll not be disappointed!

Packing Services in Markham

Packing services in MarkhamThe foremost requirement of a successful move is to carry out an impeccable packing job. There are a number of moving companies in Markham but not all of them possess the necessary packing supplies. We have the right equipment as well as the right people to do the job for you. We organize all your stuff very neatly ensuring that they remain unharmed throughout the move and are safely placed in your new home.

How Much Does Markham Moving Cost?

The price of a certain move is highly dependent on a number of factors governing it. We guarantee a stress-free experience to our respected customers and in return, expect a very reasonable price for our services.

We take pride in being the most affordable movers in Markham who charge only $349.99 for a regular small move. After the first two hours, additional charges of $54.99 are incurred every 30 mins. Transportation across GTA and packing fee are included in this quote.

These transparent charges remain intact unless one of the following factors comes into consideration:

  • Long-distance (over 450 km or 280 ml);
  • The weight of the load;
  • Time and labor required to pack, load, travel, and unload;
  • Size of the Truck(s);
  • Number of Movers;
  • Assembly and disassembly of items;
  • Carrying heavy-weight items upstairs or downstairs.

We don’t impose any limit on our customers but humbly request them to let us know of their requirements beforehand. When they share all the moving details with us, it becomes easier to give a fixed quote.

You will get a complete package with GTA Moving as we are premium movers in Markham, Ontario offering moving services, packing services, and a storage facility. Our upfront pricing and trained labor always leave our customers feeling gratification.

Our Quality Assurance Agent travels with your belongings to ensure a smooth move and satisfaction of our customer. We are equipped with all the necessary moving and packing supplies and determine their use in a move after considering the individual needs of the client.

In all these years of being one of the most superior moving companies in Markham, we have built a strong trust with all our customers through our top-notch customer service. We take pride in serving our clientele and adhering to their demands with diligence and motivation.

Expect us to be on time on the day of the move and complete a walkthrough of your home so that you can instruct us regarding your items. We are thorough and quick, with a strong desire to provide you nothing but great service.

Reviews on Markham Movers from GTA Moving Services

5 stars rating

“Before hiring GTA Moving, I checked a number of other movers in Markham, Ontario. Some of them didn’t provide such comprehensive services while others were too expensive. So, this company provides the best in an affordable deal.”

Sarah Jenner

5 stars rating

“I reported an issue to their Quality Assurance Agent during the move. He was so considerate and prompt to address my concern and left me thanking him countless times.”

Mike Williams

5 stars rating

“I just needed to move my office in the next building but it seemed to be quite a task. The best movers in Markham made the task a breeze for me. I highly recommend them.”

Sylvia Tareen

5 stars rating

“I was short on money so thought I might do the moving myself. It wasn’t until I found GTA Moving, who are cheap movers in Markham, that I changed my mind and they easily fit in my budget.”

Raj Kumar