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Moving Services in Burlington

If you are a fan of outdoor life, Burlington is the right place for you! It is located in Halton Region and can easily be referred to as the geographic hub of the densely populated area. Because of the serene environment and better working opportunities, a number of people are moving to Burlington. To control the stress associated with moving, hiring a reputed moving company in Burlington is a great idea. There’s no better name in the industry than GTA Moving Services who provide all the top-notch services at a very reasonable price.

For a smooth and stress-free moving express, hire the GTA movers in Burlington. Having the largest network of moving truck and storage facilities, this Burlington mover has been around for many years. Serving the locals in all the four corners of the country, the company has a staff of professionals who are very kind and cooperative. All your moving needs are addressed instantly apart from giving you a chance to avail packing and storage facilities. Your goods are moved safe and sound to your new home as they are packed by the professionals who have been trained by one of the top moving companies in Burlington.

Burlington Storage Facilities

The primary advantage of choosing us for your moving needs is our impeccable storage facility. A lot of times, there are such items which are unable to find a place in your new home. If you have any item which needs to be stored outside your living area, we will provide you a completely safe and clean storage facility for it.

Certain homes have areas dedicated entirely to extra items which take up a lot of space. An overcrowded home is quite stressful because of hoarding of such items which are not at all useful. Our experienced and highly-trained team will make the decluttering process extremely convenient for you through their efficiency. While you settle in your new home, all your extra belongings will be safely stored in the Burlington mover’s storage facilities.

Burlington Moving Special Services

Piano Moving Service in Burlington

Piano Moving in VaughanIf you own a piano, you must be very careful of this valuable instrument of yours. Many people, especially those who are making a local move, are tempted to move the piano themselves. However, doing that is far more complicated than moving other heavy furniture items. GTA Moving Services has professional staff who are familiar with all aspects of moving a piano.

Local Moves in Burlington


For local moving, many people think that they don’t need to hire Burlington movers but this is not how it should be done. A moving service can save you from unnecessary stress and excessive efforts. Our relocation experts know this area well, and they will be glad to help you make your move across the street or across the region stress-free.

Long-Distance Moves

2There is no other option than the best movers in Burlington that is GTA Moving Services. The foremost problem with long distance moving is that the clients are mostly unaware of the area where they are going to move. This can bring about a lot of stress and confusion. GTA Moving Services makes your long-distance moves as convenient as moving next door.

Commercial Moving in Burlington

Moving Boxes and Supplies, VaughanHaving years of experience in commercial moving, GTA Moving Services will carry out your office relocation without any trouble. In order to take care of your electrical/technical equipment, consult with your service providers beforehand. No items will get lost during the move — all the boxes will be labeled and safely delivered to the new destination.

Packing Services in Burlington

1Overlooking good and careful packing can actually cause you to face a lot of loss, especially with fragile and sensitive items. Our professionals are trained to disassemble and assemble your equipment and pack it properly so that no trouble is caused during the transportation process. They’ll ensure that all your valuable items find a place in the new home.

How Much Does Burlington Moving Cost?

Your particular needs and requirements while moving to Burlington have a lot to do in the determination of the final price. Here are some of the factors which play a very integral role in deciding the price:

  • Load weight and the distance (450m is considered a long-distance move)
  • Labor and time required for packing, loading, and moving
  • Size or number of trucks required
  • Number of movers

A regular small move at GTA Moving Services will cost you only $269.99 for the first two hours. A price of $39.99 will be charged for every subsequent 30 minutes. There is no limitation on the number of items to be moved so you’re free to put whatever you want as long as it fits our vehicle.

A few extra services will come with a reasonable additional cost. These include:

  • Assembly and disassembly of furniture and equipment
  • Transportation of heavy appliances up and down on the additional number of stairs.

Why Choose Us

Moving to Burlington must be quite exciting because of the number of attractions in this place but it does come with the stresses associated with moving. GTA Moving Services is one of the top movers in the area who not only possess all the right equipment but also has expert personnel to perform the job.   Choosing this Burlington moving company would mean that you do not need to worry about the rates. You’ll be given an upfront price with no hidden charges, thus, giving you financial relief. Moreover, they have clean trucks in their fleet so your furniture and other items will be safely transported. They are quite punctual and entertain their clients with on-time service to avoid the added stress of moving.


Julia B.

5 stars rating

"I was very much concerned while moving to Burlington because it was my first time there. GTA Moving was so helpful that I didn’t face any issue at all."

Arnold B.

5 stars rating

"I had to move to Burlington because of my job commitments and let me tell you how convenient GTA Moving made the process for me. I didn’t have to worry about anything at all."

Meaghan G.

5 stars rating

"Despite offering such remarkable service, I was amazed to see their nominal rates. I would highly recommend this moving company to everyone who is thinking of a local or long-distance move."

Emily W.

5 stars rating

"The staff is very cooperative; they took care of all my crystal crockery and help me set it in the new home as well."

Bailey A.

5 stars rating

"With my two toddlers, managing home is itself a chaos and I couldn’t even imagine the possible stresses involved with moving. I am so glad that I found this moving company because they really helped me out with each and everything."