We offer a wide range of private storage units in Toronto. These storage facilities vary in size to accommodate your possessions: 10″X10″, 5″X6″, 5″X5″, 5″X4″ and 4″X4″. The size you choose will determine the cost of your storage.

Prices for Storage Units in Toronto

GTA moving storage facility offers a wide-range of private storage units, varying by size to accommodate your possessions. No matter what the size of your room will be, no one will have an access to your storage unit without your authorization.

Get a free estimate for your storage

All of us have some extra belongings, which we don’t want to give away but can’t even keep at our place. We would definitely choose a clean and spacious space to keep our possessions because nothing is more stressful than renting a dirty storage space. Talk to our team about your situation, and we will make sure that all your needs and concerns are addressed through our storage solutions.

Secure facilities

You can rely on our secure CCTV-equipped storage facilities. Your belongings will be securely stored until you wish to take them back.

Fair price

GTA Moving Services will give you the best and most accurate estimate beforehand.

Helpful customer support team

In order to know the exact cost of our storage services in Toronto, please contact our support team at (416) 523-6683.