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We provide more than mere moving

It doesn’t matter where you live, one fact remains for all of us: moving in Vaughan is not easy. Everybody knows it can be a real stress on our lives! That’s because we have to pack up all our belongings in a way that is going to keep everything we care about safe, but also make it easy to find again on the other side when we get to our new place. If there are children or pets involved, it can become an even bigger headache as the chaos involved grows! And if you need to live in a space while you are packing it up, it can make us feel like we are caught between two homes. But don’t worry, because GTA Moving Services understands your worries, and we’re ready to help.

We are a full service moving company

We offer the full range of moving services.

We do piano moving

They’re big and heavy, but sometimes they must go! There are unique needs for every item that you need to move whether it’s clothing or a piano. There are many movers in Vaughan, Ontario, but our professional movers at GTA Moving are trained in packing a piano properly and moving it carefully and securely to your new location.

We do packing

When it’s time to think about finding moving services in Vaughan, you don’t have to dread packing anymore. Our moving staff are trained at packing, and they provide this great service at absolutely no extra cost. A solid packing will keep your items safe. And don’t worry about losing track of things: we mark every box so it’ll be easy to find everything quickly.          

We do commercial moving

Time is money, as one says. Minimizing downtime is key to your success. That’s why we know that the job needs to be done and right. As one of Vaughan’s best moving companies, we can assist with an internal office move or relocating hundreds of employees. Our comprehensive commercial moving services make the move ahead of you peaceful and stress-free.

We do long-distance moving

Whether you live in a house, an apartment, or a condo, we have what you need to move. We can help rearrange your furniture between rooms or ship the entire contents of your house on a long-distance move. Our Vaughan moving company offers affordable, convenient residential moving services, and we make sure you get a stress-free moving experience.

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