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We provide more than mere moving

Moving is complicated, and we at GTA Moving Services in Pickering, Ontario, understand the requirements and concerns of our clients. Because of our highly trained personnel in the moving and storage industry, all the moving tasks are handled with utmost care and professionalism. We always go the extra mile while serving our customers and ensure a wonderful experience for them.

We are a full service moving company

We offer the full range of moving services.

We do piano moving

Pianos are heavy objects, with some of them weighing as much as 1000 pounds. It is not just the size but their delicacy that requires them to be handled with care. Instead of trying to do the job yourself, it is better to let professional movers take care of it. GTA Movers are the most experienced piano movers in Pickering, and there’s no one better than them for this job.

We do packing

Packing can be nerving and requires a lot of time. If your belongings are not properly packed, they are prone to damage during transit. GTA Moving uses high-quality packing supplies and moving boxes in Pickering for packaging, and each box is labeled to make it easier to find them once in the new home. The relocation stress is minimized due to GTA Moving’s exceptional packing services in Pickering.          

We do commercial moving

The main concern of office moving is that there should be no disruption in the workflow, and the daily business activities should keep running smoothly. GTA Moving carries out office moving in Pickering following a well-devised plan and handles the furniture and equipment cautiously. The entire process of packing and shipping stays smooth.

We do long-distance moving

Currently, GTA Moving is operating in Canada and 100 km around the Greater Toronto Area. We can organize long-distance moves up to 700 km away from Toronto and ensure a smooth and stress-free experience for you. You can always ask for a free estimate for your long-distance moving and see their competitive prices for yourself.

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