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Bolton Movers

GTA Moving Services in Bolton

Our team of professional Bolton movers can assist you around the province of Ontario. We can help you manage the details with tips and tools. Our services include relocation, storage, renting boxes, packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, as well as the disassembling and assembling of furniture. We will arrive at your place within 60-90 minutes after confirming the order.

Our moving company not only operates in Bolton, Ontario but also in Toronto and other GTA cities. We are reliable packers and movers that follow the Carriage of Goods Acts and consider safe business practices at all stages. We ensure the protection of belongings that are to be stored or transported. Moreover, our employees and their extensive working experience are covered by WSIB. We do high-class jobs at reasonable prices. Our efficient communication system allows us to handle any issue as quickly as possible.

Feel free to call us now at 416-523-6683 if you are planning to relocate to Bolton, Ontario or any other city in GTA! Our experienced movers in Bolton, Maple or Oshawa will be happy to help you move to your new location with minimal effort on your part!

Special Moving Services

Piano Moving in Bolton

Piano Moving in BoltonGTA Moving Services offers piano movers in Bolton for hire. It is rarely possible to do a piano move alone as there are many risks of damaging it during handling, even if you can use an elevator or a transport cart. Indeed, a piano move cannot be improvised and requires carrying techniques along with specific equipment.

Packing Services in Bolton

Packing Services in BoltonDoes packing seem difficult or too time-consuming? This is not a problem; we offer packing services in Bolton and our movers can take care of the complete packing of your belongings for you, or only your furniture or your fragile objects. We provide the necessary packing materials for rent to save time and provide adequate protection. Our Bolton clients can rent moving boxes and other supplies like packing paper, tape, markers, wraps, and pads when moving.

Storage in Bolton

Boltonn storage

The prices for storage units range from $60 per month for a 5‘ X 5’ storage unit to $360 for a 10‘ X 30’ storage unit. We offer Bolton storage facilities for any of your belongings, including piano. Sometimes you cannot transport your furniture directly to your new home if, for example, your house is still under construction. In this case, you may want to temporarily store your belongings in a safe and secure climate-controlled storage unit.

Office and Commercial Moving

Commercial and office moving services in BoltonWhen a business grows, the location of the offices is unsuitable or the loads are too high, it is necessary to move its offices. Office moving in Bolton is delicate and requires good organization. Follow our advice for a successful transfer of your office with complete peace of mind. Equipment such as photocopiers requires special handling, as they can exceed 100 kg. Leave their preparation and transportation to professionals and do not try to handle them alone on the stairs.

Long-Distance Moving

Bolton long-distance moversUsually, GTA Moving Services operates within 100 kilometers (62 miles) around GTA, but we can also organize moves up to 700 kilometers (434 miles) away from the city of Toronto. Long-distance moving is not an easy task, so hiring professional long-distance movers is essential for this job! Choose a guarantee of safety for the transportation of your goods.

How Much Does Bolton Moving Cost?

The price of our Bolton moving company is based on several elements. The total size of your business or home, access, and distance traveled are among the main factors. As the price is determined by several factors, the total cost changes depending on each particular situation. The price also increases depending on the services included, the space to be moved, and the number of rooms. The price also varies depending on the additional services offered by our agency:

  • The weight of the load and the distance for a long-distance move (over 450 km or 280 ml);
  • The amount of labor and the time it will take to pack, load, and deliver your shipment for a local move;
  • The size of the truck required;
  • The number of movers involved.

For more accurate prices and free estimation of your move, contact our customer service by phone: (416) 523-6683.

Thus, you must take into account all the elements in the estimate of the cost of your move.The table below shows the average price for a close-distance move:

Moving rates, $

Packages include

Regular Small Move for $349.99

for the first two hours


for every subsequent 30 minutes

Note! At GTA Moving Services, we impose no limit on the items to be moved — if you’ve got it, we’ll move it as long as it fits into our vehicle. 

Prices include all packing and transportation fees within the Greater Toronto Area. The following services may be subject to nominal extra charges:
* Disassembly and assembly of equipment and furniture.
* Transportation of heavy appliances up or down additional stairs

Do you want a detailed list of the costs for your move? Each moving project is different, so get the price for your move for free by filling out our form for a quote request. This free and non-binding request allows you to quickly see if our offer is best suited to your needs.

Living in Bolton

Moving to Bolton has lately become a popular decision among newcomers. The peaceful atmosphere attracts hundreds of new families every year. Bolton is an unincorporated village and the most densely populated community in the town of Caledon, Ontario. There are many estate areas and farmlands adjacent to Bolton. The Humber River flows through Bolton creating a pleasant environment for the neighboring houses. The area is full of lush greenery with the stretches along the river having the densest verdure.

The crime rate in Bolton, Ontario is about Canada’s average. During the last couple of years, the crime rate has been falling by 10% with the most common types of crime being non-violent. Generally, you do not have to worry about your well-being when walking alone during the daytime.

Bolton is a nice place to settle down, raise the kids, and lead a life full of serenity. The area has excellent residential neighborhoods. There are many various grocery stores, parks, and high-quality schools with swimming pools.

For some people, the downside of this community would be its relative remoteness. A trip from the core city of Toronto to Bolton will take around 40 minutes by car.

Our Reviews

5 stars rating

“The movers were careful and smiling throughout my move to Bolton. I recommend the company!"

— Ethel Adlard

5 stars rating

“I am satisfied with my move, especially with the transport of our piano.”

— Santi Suratinoyo

5 stars rating

“Everything was organized with punctuality. A very smooth, stress-free moving process!”

— Pierre L

5 stars rating

“I’ve used a few moving companies in various Canadian provinces. This one helped me move all my belongings to Bolton, and I assure you these guys are among the best.”

— James W

5 stars rating

“We hired these movers as part of our big relocation in Bolton, Ontario. Quality service. Recommended.”

— Larry Faston