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Moving from Toronto to Montreal

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Your Movers from Toronto to Montreal

Moving from Toronto to Montreal can be especially challenging. We, at GTA Moving Services, offer safe and affordable interprovince moving services. Such relocations are considered to be long-distance, they not only take longer but also require more careful preparation.

Below, we share our best advice regarding long-distance moving, so that you can be better prepared when it’s time to move to Montreal.

First follows a review of the advantages you get when you book a move to another province with a company instead of doing it yourself. Then we take a look at the issues that can arise if you move on your own. We also address important questions as to what to expect when you move to the province of Quebec. Plan the move and go through the specific requirements of a long-distance move with us!

How to Book a Moving Service from Toronto to Montreal

It is very simple, you just have to contact us by phone call, email, or by completing the form

Why Choose Us for Moving Between Cities

A 10-hour move from Toronto to Montreal costs $2699.99. Read on to know why hiring professionals is worth it.

One of the key factors that determine the price of your move is unsurprisingly the distance, so you can expect to pay significantly more. This applies regardless of whether you are moving with a moving company, or renting a car, and recruiting friends as your moving assistance. If you choose to hire movers for your relocation from Toronto to Montreal, then here are a few benefits of expert help:

  • When you leave the whole process to an experienced moving team - from planning to implementation, the risk of injuries and accidents during the move is reduced.
  • Moving heavy objects is especially challenging, and it pays off to think twice before you start transporting a piano, a washing machine, or a refrigerator on your own.
  • Many of today's moving companies offer extra services that can facilitate your move considerably. We would like to give you the opportunity for a relocation that is as relaxed as possible. Therefore we offer packing and unpacking services, dismantling and assembling furniture. Of course, we also offer high-quality moving boxes at an affordable price. Save time by letting professionals handle the tasks!
  • Moving between cities involves many hours on the road in a truck or car with a trailer, which can be stressful both mentally and physically. When a moving company handles your move, the transport is handled by an experienced team, which knows the local conditions. Forget anxious hours behind the wheel of a strange moving car and take the chance to relax instead.

Living in Montreal

People move to Montreal because the pace of life is not as fast, the crime rate is low, and people's happiness index is high. Of course, life will be much fuller if you know French. French can be a barrier for newcomers moving to Montreal from Toronto, but once you have started learning French, you will quickly integrate into the local culture.

Needless to say, the climate is very cold, even colder than in Toronto. Montreal winters are straight freezing, but summers can be very hot. Snow often covers cars, making travel a problem. In summer, Montrealers tend to go camping, fishing, hiking, skiing, etc. Life in Montreal is not only about work, but also family and personal hobbies.

Moreover, the city is very suitable for those who like art. Various activities and festivals are non-stop. In terms of housing, housing prices in Canada are considered to be very low in large cities. The overall cost of living is lower.

Low cost of living: house prices are low, lower than 50% of Toronto. Homes are more affordable in Montreal. Many people invest in properties. The same prices in Toronto or Vancouver are a dream! The welfare is relatively good: the tuition fee for residents is only $3000 when they go to university.

Other Our Moving Services

Moving Piano to Montreal

Piano Cross Country Moving ServiceMoving a piano can be a challenging task. The instrument is sensitive and must therefore be handled carefully and carefully - the slightest shaking can cause damage or make it inaccessible. To ensure safe transport, specific aids and extensive knowledge are required. When you book a piano move with our moving team, you can be sure that the handling is done with expert knowledge from beginning to end.

Moving Office to Montreal

cross country commercial movingMoving an office to a city as distant as Montreal can be very difficult. Hiring professionals is important as you must carefully maintain the security of your office items. Here at GTA Moving Services, we can organize an efficient and easy office move for you and your employees.

Moving Bin Rental

moving bins rentalProtecting belongings while moving to a city located a few hundred kilometers is essential. A ten-hour drive is no joke. All your items will have the chance to be delivered properly to their destination. We can help you with that by renting moving bins out to you.

Storage Services

storage servicesThe prices for storing stuff at our facilities start from $60 a month for a 5‘ X 5’ unit to $360 for a 10‘ X 30’ unit. These storage units are absolutely secure, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your stuff while being away.

Packing Services

packing servicesIf you don’t have time to properly wrap your belongings, you can leave them to the professionals. With our packing services, you don’t have to worry about your antique or fragile items safely arriving in Montreal.


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“Fast, cheap, and careful. No scratches on furniture, the boxes were kept upright, no contents were jumbled around even when the boxes were half-empty.”

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“The movers turned up on time and began the job. No delays. Great!”

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“Surely one of the most reliable moving companies to relocate from Toronto to Montreal. Overall, they did fine. They were quite responsive when I was getting a quote. Well, that’s why I chose this company in the first place.”

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“Due to some renovation, we required a storage facility for storing all our household goods. They proved out to be the best storage facility providers that met our requirements.”

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“I would feel comfortable recommending this service. Fast and careful.”