How To Move a Mattress

How To Move a Mattress

We shouldn't have to tell you that moving is a miserable experience, especially if you're also moving a mattress. Luckily for you, we tell you exactly how to move a mattress like a pro in this article!

You may even find yourself questioning whether or not it is really worthwhile to move your mattress. Perhaps you could store it in the garage for the people who will be moving in to find it. However, if you've recently purchased a new mattress and are pleased with it, it may be worthwhile transporting it with you.

To save you time, we've compiled a list of our best advice for moving your mattress. So let's get on with it!

Hire Professional Movers

This will honestly be the best way. A mattress is a finicky piece of furniture, and professionals are best suited to protect your mattress during the move. It might cost money, but movers will help in wrapping your mattress, carrying it down to load the mattress onto the truck or van, or securing the mattress to the top of the moving van. It's better than trying to secure the mattress to your friend's pickup truck any day!

Not only that, a professional service will help you out with a whole lot more. They can assist you in packing everything, including all size mattresses, and moving promptly and safely to your new home. Using the services of a professional moving team like GTA Moving Services can help you save money while also protecting you from avoidable charges and hassle. Professionals will plan and execute your relocation step by step, ensuring a safe and efficient transition.

But many people won't be able to afford a moving service. How to move a mattress by yourself? Let's deal with that next!

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Buy The Right Equipment

Each mattress that needs to be moved will require a protective mattress bag that is the proper size for the mattress that will be moved. You'll also need packing tape to reinforce the bag and provide additional protection; you could even use a roll of stretch wrap if you want to be more creative. Depending on how far away your loading spot is from your home, a dolly or hand truck may be necessary for transport. Several pairs of ratchet straps or tie-down straps may be required to properly secure the mattress once it's been loaded into the moving truck.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Moving

Consider whether or not the mattress should be relocated before deciding on the best method for moving it. In general, a mattress that has been in use for more than eight years is nearing the end of its useful life span.

If you have the financial means to do so, you may find that donating or discarding your old mattress and having a new one delivered directly to your new house is the most convenient method of moving a mattress. This way, you don't have to worry about how to pack a mattress for moving.

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How to Protect a Mattress When Moving

The side edge of most large mattresses, particularly on coil and spring types, is the most convenient way to transport them. Load the mattress into the truck or van so that it rests against the vehicle's side wall, and then secure it with straps.

Alternatively, you can put the mattress on its side and slip it between two taller pieces of furniture, such as a bookcase or an armoire, to save space. Check your memory foam mattress's user manual or warranty for specific instructions on how to move or store your particular memory foam mattress.

How to Transport a Mattress

There are some movers who may be considering transporting mattresses by car. Despite the fact that you may occasionally see a mattress attached to the roof of a car going down local streets or down the highway, experts concur that moving a mattress should not be done in a car.

As a safety issue, this is particularly concerning because the mattress is highly likely to slip off or be blown off the car and into traffic, resulting in an accident. It is also more likely that a mattress may be damaged as a result of this method of transport; the inner coils may suddenly bend or break inside, and the surface material may be scratched or ripped. Not to add that being concerned about the mattress's security could cause you to be distracted while driving.

If you are moving long distance, you should consider having your mattresses shipped, especially if they are queen or king sizes. Many providers can provide you with an online price quote based on the size of your mattress and the location where you need it to be delivered. Depending on the price and your specific circumstances, it may be a more cost-effective alternative to self-moving.

How To Store Your Mattress

After you've successfully moved your mattress, there is the matter of storing it until your bed frame is ready. Don't worry, though. After learning how to move a king-size mattress, storing it should be no issue at all! Just be sure to do the following:

● Remove the mattress from its frame and thoroughly clean it. Consider using a steamer, but be sure to allow it to dry completely afterward.
● Wrap the mattress in a breathable plastic cover, and secure the top and bottom edges, as well as the side seams, with packing tape. Consider purchasing a mattress cover that is both mold and water-resistant if you plan on keeping the mattress for an extended amount of time.
● Move the mattress to a storage unit and arrange it so that it lays flat while in storage. This will aid in the preservation of the mattress's form and integrity. If you have to store your mattress on its side, you will need to rotate it every couple of months to keep it in good condition. Long-term storage on its side will cause the mattress to wear out more quickly.
● While the mattress is in storage, be sure that nothing is placed on top of it.
● Place a portable dehumidifier inside a typical storage unit to maintain the humidity levels as low as possible while the mattress is being stored. Mold can grow on mattresses if they are kept in a moist atmosphere. Attempt to arrange space in a climate-controlled facility for the most effective long-term storage.

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A Few Rules of Thumb When Moving Mattresses

● Before attempting to transfer your mattress, make sure it is well wrapped. As you move, check it frequently and mend any holes or tears that occur along the way as soon as possible using packing tape, especially if you want to use the mattress outside. This is why it is important to know how to wrap a mattress for moving.
● Although a mattress moving box is pricey, it may be a worthwhile investment because it can save you time in the wrapping and packing process.
● When renting a moving truck, make sure to check the inside before driving it away from the lot. Verify that the interior is clean and that no signs of bugs can be found by inspecting the corners and crevices.
● Consult the manufacturer's website for information on how to transfer your specific model if you have a customized mattress.

Transferring a mattress can be time-consuming and difficult, but doing it right is well worth the effort. When your head hits the pillow in your beloved bed in your new house, you'll realize it was all worth it and that every second spent second-guessing was unnecessary.

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