Tips for Preparing for Your Overseas Relocation

3 Preparation Tips for International Relocation from Toronto Moving Company

Even with professional international moving companies to take care of the move, the outcome will likely still be hugely dependent on the amount of preparation undertaken.

Scheduling - first step when move Internationally

This is often the first step when moving. It is not a luxury everyone enjoys, but those for who have the chance to schedule, the first thing they should think about is moving outside the peak season. The summer, with most individuals and families on holiday, is normally the peak period for the moving industry. It might also be prudent to avoid the end of the month rush because this is the time most people have their leases or business processes coming to an end.

Packing before overseas relocation

The approach to packing determines the safety of items during the move, so naturally this is the biggest worry for many home and business owners. Still, it might be prudent to let the professional movers and packers handle everything with packing services. Carriers normally do not accept liability for damage to items packed by the owners.

International moving requires serious decluttering; packing might be complicated by items that have far outlived their usefulness. Decide in advance what to take and what to leave behind to ease the process.

Another important packing consideration has to do with customs restrictions. Different countries have different restrictions, and one must be aware of what they can and cannot ship into their destination country. In general, items like explosives and hazardous materials, as well as perishables, flammable materials, corrosives, and food products should be avoided. Think about electrical standards, as some appliances might not work in some countries.

During the actual day of the packing, it is important to be present. The moving services will almost always want to go through everything with the homeowner. They’ll have them point out anything that might be fragile or anything they might want left behind. If you have a piano for relocation let professional piano movers pack it themselves to avoid unnecessary, careless mistakes. One habit many movers find irritating is when home or business owners move everything into one pile or room in preparation for the move. Have everything in place throughout the house, it is easier this way.

Those who still wish to pack things themselves might want to think about the following:

  • Self-packed items cannot be insured
  • Make a list of everything packed into every box and label the boxes
  • Do not pack heavy boxes, as they are more difficult to handle and susceptible to damage
  • Keep the keys for trunks and suitcases ready for customs officials
  • Remove items that will be needed during the journey


This is an often overlooked aspect of the moving process. International moves with pets present special challenges. Have the right paperwork detailing import and export permits, be ready to provide proof of veterinary visits, and choose a special carrier that meets airline regulations. Different destinations have different rules concerning health permits. In some cases, pets might have to be kept in quarantine for some time.

Make this easier for yourself by carefully choosing your international moving company. When moving with pets, choose a company that has the pet’s move integrated into the moving services they offer.

Moving house or a business across international borders might seem tedious, but there are ways to make it easier. In the end, the level of preparation that goes into the move will determine the outcome.