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Moving Services Provided By North York Movers

Moving can be very stressful, but our North York Movers eliminate that stress through their professional service. You will start with a quote that provides all the details regarding your upcoming move. Unlike other moving services, your quote price will not change. You will also not have to wait long. When you are ready to move, our team is ready to go within 60-90 minutes after you have placed your order by phone.

With our moving company you will get the best movers in North York who handle all aspects of your move from disassembling and reassembling your furniture. They then deliver all your items to the designated rooms in your new place. All of this North York moving is done with a quality assurance agent to give you the highest quality service. You will also receive true peace of mind with our insurance policy; We cover your belongings from the time our North York movers arrive until we unload the last item in your new place.

What if you don’t have a new place yet? This is not an issue as you can store your belongings at our spacious storage units.

Looking for professional movers in the GTA? Our well-trained Toronto movers or moving team in Mississauga or in any other city in the GTA will do their best to make your relocation convenient. Do not hesitate to call us right now at (416) 523-6683!

Moving to North York

Moving to North York is a desirable option for many Canadians. North York's scenery is beautiful, there are all kinds of maple trees, the air is very fresh, and the roads are clean. The economy of the district is highly developed, it is a wealthy area with lavish neighborhoods. There are quite a few large enterprises having headquarters here and a few celebrities having homes.

The population of North York is approximately 860,000. This district should not be confused with the municipality of York, which contains multiple satellite towns. North York is the area in the northwest of the core city of Toronto. It is one of the richest areas in Canada, its public security is among the best in the Greater Toronto Area. The crime rate here is very low and is one of the lowest in the whole of North America.

In North York, there are many stores and commercial buildings, as well as large residential apartments. The residents of this area are mainly middle-class wealthy people, and there is no shortage of large-scale luxury housing estates in the area. Many world-renowned companies such as Procter & Gamble, Nestlé, Cadbury Adams, Lindt & Sprüngli, Equifax, and Xerox have also chosen to settle in this area. The Canadian headquarters of McDonald’s is also located in North York.

Piano Moving In North York

North York piano movingYour beloved piano doesn’t have to be left behind as GTA Moving Services provides the best piano movers in North York. A piano may be one of the most difficult possessions to move as it takes not only strength but elite precision. When using our North York Movers, you not only get the most professional moving company but one that specializes in the moving of pianos.

North York Storage

local moving in North YorkOur North York storage provides multiple options for anything you need to be kept in between moving. These safe, clean, and spacious storage units are not only convenient but also very affordable. We will have a unit to match your budget and needs with prices costing only $60 per month for a 5’ X 5’ unit, up to only $360 for a large 10’ X 30’ unit.

Packing Services In North York

Packing Services in North YorkPacking is a headache sometimes. Our moving and packing company provides you with the best packing services in North York to completely remove this stress from your upcoming move. We always use the highest-quality moving boxes to transport your items, and the best moving supplies to keep it safe and organized.

Office Moving

Commercial and office moving in North YorkHaving to uproot and move a business is not only stressful, but it can also cause a financial setback as business has to pause. Office moving in North York can be done quickly and painlessly to get you up and running as soon as possible. All your office items will be handled and set up in your new surroundings smoothly and painlessly allowing your business to not miss a beat.

Long-Distance Moving

long-distance moving in North YorkMoving locally is tough enough, but what if you’re facing long-distance moving? GTA Moving also has you covered in this situation as, at the moment, we operate in Canada. GTA Moving works in a wide range of 100 km (62 ml) around the GTA. We can also accommodate farther moves by organizing your move even if it's up to 700 km (435 ml) away from Toronto itself.

GTA Moving Prices in North York

There are several factors to consider as there are different types of moves. Some of the final prices will be determined by the weight and the load of what needs to be moved. Next, this distance needs to be considered - Is it a local, or long-distance move?

Some further things to consider when determining prices for a North York moving company is how much will need to be packed, loaded, and delivered if it’s a local move. This will determine the amount of labor needed, how many workers are needed, and the size of the truck required. There are also no limits on the number of items you need to move; If it fits into the vehicle, we’ll move it!

For your basic small move in the Greater Toronto Area the price breakdown will be:

  • $349.99 for the first two hours
  • Only $54.99 for every subsequent 30 minutes

These prices include all the packaging and transportation fees within the GTA so you can relax and start getting set up in your new place.

There may be a few nominal extra charges for situations like the transportation of heavy appliances up or down additional stairs, but the best way to get an accurate price is to call us at (416) 523-6683 or fill a free estimate.

The most important reason will be your peace of mind during what can be a stressful time.

It starts with communication. We use an efficient communication system so there is no second-guessing anything. This begins with our free in-house estimate so you know exactly what to expect for your residential move. With our moving team, you’re not only getting all your packing needs met but any storage situation you may require.

Your belongings are extremely important to you - so their safety is crucial. With our movers, you’ll be getting guaranteed safety. Besides being the most reliable packers and movers in Canada, we follow the Carriage of Goods Acts. This allows for safe business practices at all stages. The protection of your valuable items is ensured whether you need to transport or store them.

To ensure this safety, even more, our workers - and their secure working experience - are covered by WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board).

With GTA Moving Services, you get the most high-quality movers in North York, elite customer service, and reasonable prices. Most importantly, you get the smoothest and most stress-free move you can find.

Reviews on North York Movers from GTA Moving Services

5 stars rating

“It was a pleasure working with GTA Moving Services. Thank you for making our North York moving experience a smooth process.”

Leo Boyko

5 stars rating

“I had to move the entire infrastructure of my office, and I doubted that I could trust any of the local movers in North York Ontario. GTA Moving debunked all the myths I’ve heard about commercial moving.”

T. Martin

5 stars rating

“I hired GTA Moving for each and every move I had. For my extra items, I rented a unit in their storage facility, it makes them the best North York moving and storage company.”

Emma Morneau

5 stars rating

“ If I ever need to move again, I’d not think about any other moving companies in North York other than GTA Moving. Highly recommended!” ”

Zackary and Lilly Koch

5 stars rating

“I’d like to give this reasonably cheap moving company 20/10 because of the way they handled my stuff. Each and every item was packed in bubble wrap and then put safely in boxes.”