GTA Moving Services offers movers that will make your move from Toronto to Montreal easy and simple. Book your move within the provinces of Ontario and Quebec and get a FREE moving estimate today!

We provide more than mere moving

Moving to Montreal from the Greater Toronto Area can be especially challenging. We, at GTA Moving Services, offer safe and affordable interprovince moving services. Such relocations are considered to be long-distance, they not only take longer but also require more careful preparation.

We are a full service moving company

We offer the full range of moving services.

We do piano moving

Moving a piano can be a challenging task. The instrument is sensitive and must therefore be handled carefully and carefully - the slightest shaking can cause damage or make it inaccessible. To ensure safe transport, specific aids and extensive knowledge are required. When you book a piano move with our moving team, you can be sure that the handling is done with expert knowledge from beginning to end.

We do packing

If you don’t have time to properly wrap your belongings, you can leave them to the professionals. With our packing services, you don’t have to worry about your antique or fragile items safely arriving in Montreal. Protecting belongings while moving to a city located a few hundred kilometers is essential. A ten-hour drive is no joke. All your items will have the chance to be delivered properly to their destination. We can help you with that by renting moving bins out to you.           

We do commercial moving

Moving an office to a city as distant as Montreal can be very difficult. Hiring professionals is important as you must carefully maintain the security of your office items. Here at GTA Moving Services, we can organize an efficient and easy office move for you and your employees.

We do storage

The prices for storing stuff at our facilities start from $60 a month for a 5‘ X 5’ unit to $360 for a 10‘ X 30’ unit. These storage units are absolutely secure, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your stuff while being away.

Get a free estimate for your interprovincial move

Booking a GTA to Montreal moving service is very simple. You just have to contact us by phone call, email, or by completing the form.

On time

Our movers will arrive on time.

Fair price

GTA Moving Services will give you the best and most accurate estimate beforehand.

Helpful customer support team

In order to know the exact cost of hiring our movers for moving from Toronto to Montreal, please contact our support team at (416) 523-6683.