How to pack glassware

How to Pack Glassware

Here you’ll know how to pack glassware properly and not be worried about breakage when moving. Here are some simple tips for packing glasses and other fragile glass objects for moving.

This is what you’ll need to preserve glassware during transport:

  • Bubble wrap;
  • Crumpled newspaper;
  • Cardboard boxes.

Read on to know how to pack various kinds of glass for moving.

Moving Boxes and How to Fill them for Glass

If you do not have special boxes for plates and glasses with dividers, you can also use regular boxes. Nevertheless, we must be careful when working with the latter.

Glasses, with their hollow central part, are extremely fragile. If you do not have special glass boxes, wrap each glass individually with bubble wrap to better protect them, fill the inside of the glasses with a paper towel or newspaper.

Fill the box with linens, and create a layer of linen at the bottom of the box to protect these fragile objects. Laying a lot of bubble wrap on the bottom is the best way to pack glasses.

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Our Tips for Wrapping Glasses Yourself

Wrapping glasses yourself is a little tricky. So don't be stingy with newspaper and other bubbles, and remember to pad the inside of the glass to consolidate the packaging.

  1. Be careful if you use conventional newspapers. Ink can permanently stain glass. If you can, use white paper instead.
  2. When packing, try as much as possible to store glasses of equivalent shapes together, as stemless glasses can damage their high-perched counterparts.
  3. As with the plates, insulate them from each other with bubble wrap and do not leave any empty space inside the container. Watch the weight of the box and mark its container with an indelible marker.
  4. Finally, for very fragile glasses such as crystal glasses or large glasses, double the protections and place them upright and not lying in the box.

Always wrap the stem when packing wine glasses.

Special Glass Moving Boxes

Just like the plate boxes, the special cell boxes for glassware are designed for this purpose - they save a considerable amount of time. In fact, their compartments in the shape of cells or crossbars allow you to safely store all your glasses in a few minutes.

Organization Tips

  • Do not overfill the boxes;
  • Write "fragile" on the boxes;
  • Specify the content;
  • Unpack carefully on arrival.

All your belongings deserve to be carefully packed and protected, however, your dishes and glasses require the greatest care.

Proceed in the same way for all your glass objects. When the object is hollow, such as a candle holder or a vase, remember to fill the inside with newspaper. Even for a simple regular glass, you should know how to wrap glasses for moving properly. Be careful not to overtighten the bubble wrap around the object either. Secure all your packaging with packing tape.

How to Pack Glass Plates, Bowls, and Other Fragile Dishware

Plates are often heavy and bulky, ideally don't put too many of them in a cardboard box, place a thick layer of newspaper or even bubble wrap between each. Place them horizontally.

Put non-fragile kitchenware, such as Tupperware, metal cake platters, or wooden spoons at the bottom.

Your cast iron casseroles or pressure cookers must be well protected to avoid cracks and deformations. Take advantage of the empty space inside to fill it with small kitchen objects (toothpicks, cups, straws, paper towels, etc. ) before packing.

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Tips to Protect Mirror and Glass Tabletop

You should be extra careful with large glass objects. Always wrap them! It is recommended to obtain specific boxes for tables and mirrors so that they can be handled without risk.

Here is the essential trick - place strips of adhesive tape in the shape of an X on the glass of the mirror or the glass tabletop. The adhesive tape will absorb some of the vibrations and prevent breakage. You must then wrap the mirror well (bubble wrap + cover) and place it in a suitable cardboard box. It must be completely covered. For even more protection, you can also use protective corners to put on your square or rectangular mirrors or glass tabletops.

Don't Skimp on Padding when Packing Glass

Double protect your fragile items! To protect your glass items as much as possible during your move and the many round trips of boxes, do not hesitate to fill them with a thick layer of packing paper, or basically any paper available. The point is nothing has to be moving inside the box.

Always carefully prepare thick padding at the bottom when moving glasses. All empty spaces must be filled with newspaper or bubble wrap. Be careful not to fill the box to the brim. First of all, because it will be too heavy to transport but also reserve a space above your objects and thus be able to put another protective layer. To close your box, the fastest and most efficient way will be an adhesive tape.

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How to Pack Glass and Move when You Are Located in GTA

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