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Moving Furniture across Canada

Moving long distance can be a massive headache, and you no doubt want to find the cheapest way of moving furniture across Canada. There are so many things that can cause you to stress during the process of buying and selling a house and you haven’t even got to the moving process yet. Once that comes around it presents a whole other set of problems. Who will do it? How much will long distance movers cost? How long will it take? The real estate market has been strong and the cost of housing has risen more than ever. You’ll want to make this whole process as affordable as possible and keep costs down wherever you can.

And as great a country as Canada is, the enormous size of our homeland presents problems especially with moving all your furniture and belongings. The vast distances create even more problems of their own which can add to your stress. A long distance move is a lot more complicated and with that comes an increased cost. Since you want to make this whole process as affordable as possible here are 11 ways to cut the cost of moving. This will make it as pleasant as possible for you, your friends and your family.

1. Pack Your Furniture Yourself

This will be one of the cheapest moving options cross-country and the most straightforward. You are in total control of your whole move and can do it at your own pace. You don’t have to pay for movers or a company to do everything for you. There are a few obvious downsides as you provide your own manual labor and need to find help through friends and family. You may also need help from friends and family with trucks but this can be a fun experience if everyone is on board. You save money while you’re at it so that’s a win-win situation.

2. Look for Various Offers from Different Long-Distance Movers

You don’t have to go with the first cross-Canada movers you come across. This is the right time to save money by shopping around and seeing all the different offers that are available. There are many companies that may offer the cheapest way to move furniture across Canada and your job now is to search through them all for the best deals. This is no different from looking on Amazon for a specific product. You will research everything and look for the best price and value. For a cross-country move, take the same approach.

3. Use a Truck Rental for a Cross-Country Furniture Move

If you’ve decided to save money by moving yourself without knowing how to send furniture across the country, you may run into a problem. You might have all your friends and family on board to help you load and unload but what if there’s no one with large enough vehicles or trucks to help in this long-distance moving? This is where a truck rental will have to be considered but is still a good way for you to save money moving. There is the cost of the truck rental but it will be cheaper than having to pay a moving company and the movers. If you’re taking many large items, and don’t need storage between the moves, renting a truck is a great way to save money and get your move done.

4. Look for Free Supplies Online

When moving furniture across the country, a lot of cheap options add up quickly. You may budget ahead to cut costs while trying to find the best way to move across Canada but there can be things you didn't expect. Even small things like moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, (beer and pizza for your friends…) can add up quickly if you don’t budget for them. To save money on your moving day, look online for a lot of free things that can help in the move. You’d be surprised how much stuff people give away on sites like Craigslist or Kijiji so have a look through to find those little things important for the move. Also check out supermarkets, offices, schools and big box stores who may just be throwing this stuff out.

5. Don’t Move Cross-Country on the Wrong Day

Do you know how the cheapest day to book airline travel is on a Tuesday? The same thing can apply with cross-country moving companies. Many people move during the same seasons and months and this can turn into a supply and demand situation for moving services and moving companies. Prices can go up due to high demand and your cross-Canada move may end up being even more expensive than you planned. Have a look at the “off-peak” or slower moving times and then look for the best deals with different moving companies. Check with their customer service for the best rates as they will be happy to be making some money during their slow periods.

6. Starting a New Job? Ask Your Company to Move You

It might surprise you that a lot of companies can offer this service. If you’re moving to a new part of Canada, you may be able to have this covered with your company's moving services. You’ll have to ask to see if this is something they offer and if they do you’ve struck gold. If not they may offer a partial cost of relocation fund for you. It’s one of those situations where you won’t know unless you ask.

7. Find out the Most Affordable Way to Move Furniture

For your cross-country move, you might assume that the cheapest way to move furniture across Canada is by truck. This might not be the case though. This is where you want to look into other options as it might be cheaper to move your furniture by train. There also may be a great way to save money by transporting everything by plane. These other options might be less time-consuming, cheaper and much more convenient. Don’t assume all long-distance moving has to be by truck so research other options.

8. Look at Renting a Portable Moving Container

With a portable moving container, you just load up your boxes, furniture and everything else you need moved and the container company does the rest. These can be a great, and cheaper, option than going with a truck rental or moving service. Another great thing about using a portable moving container when moving cross-country is that it can act as a storage unit for all your furniture. If you need storage before and after you move, these will keep you covered. You need to look at the costs of renting a portable moving container compared to a moving service and see which can save you money. Moving containers may run you $2000-3000 a month. That may seem like a lot can be a great deal cheaper than a moving company plus you get the storage aspect with it.

9. Start to Minimize

How much stuff do you actually need in your life? This may be a good time to reduce the number of possessions you have that are not needed in your life. Throughout the packing up process, this can be the time to discard a lot of what you don’t need. First, this will save you money for your cross-Canada move as you may not need a bigger truck or shipping container. The next benefit is you can sell off a lot of this stuff to use it towards the cost of moving. This can also be a good way to declutter your life and have more of a fresh start whether it’s an interstate move or a full cross-country one.

If you can’t sell it it’s still easy to give away on Kijiji or Craigslist or have an old-fashioned garage sale to at least get something for it. It’s amazing the amount of stuff we accumulate over the years that isn’t necessary.

10. Split the Move

If you’ve minimized your possessions and furniture, you may be able to hire a moving company that requires a smaller truck and less staff. This will bring your costs down and then if you have access to a van or truck you can take the rest of the stuff that can fit with you. You’ll still get the convenience of a moving service but at a reduced price since you wouldn’t be moving an entire house worth of furniture across the country. There were also be less for you to load and unload yourself.

11. Sell All Your Stuff

Cheapest way to move stuff across Canada is to move as little stuff as possible. This may be extreme and requires more work but it can be the ultimate way to save money as the only thing you must move is yourself. Selling off your furniture and the things you don’t need can be put towards furnishing your new house. This can also be good from a “pack rat” scenario as in your new location you will only buy what you need. You won’t miss all that unnecessary stuff and your new place will be a completely fresh start.

12. Plan Your Cross-Country Move in Advance

Most of the movers charge by an hour, whether it is an in-town move or a cross-country one. Your best attempt is to hire them for the minimum possible time so that the total amount to be paid doesn’t exceed a certain limit. With all your stuff organized beforehand, you will spend less time loading and unloading stuff. All your furniture and other belongings should be ready to go on the truck even before it arrives. This way, you will take movers’ limited time and save a considerable sum of money.

13. Look for Potential Discounts

Quite often, moving companies offer decent discounts on their services. You should thoroughly check for promo codes or vouchers online before booking any company to help you out with the moving process. By utilizing such discounts, you can lighten your moving budget to a great extent. Sometimes, referrals can also be useful. If your friend or a family member has hired a certain mover and had a decent experience, you can ask them to book them for you as well and ask for a discount for reusing the service.

14. Hire Moving Labor

If you don’t want to hire a full-service moving company or have no friend to help you with the moving process, there is a fine alternative to bring ease to your load. There are plenty of labor-only options, including donation pick-ups, junk removal services, and packing help. By going with this option, you are likely to save thousands of dollars on the process of moving your furniture across Canada without doing the entire work yourself. Check out online marketplaces that will help you to search and locate help in your particular area.

15. Find Furniture Delivery Companies

Certain services are available that will pick up and drop off large furniture items. It works like a ride-sharing service where the total cost depends on the distance that is to be covered and the size of the furniture item. One thing to remember is that the furniture is transferred from one vehicle to another multiple times during transit. The more it is handled, the higher is the risk for damage. Therefore, it is better to ask beforehand how the service is going to handle your furniture item.

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