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Long Distance Moving Costs

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When you are moving to a distant area, the moving process becomes far more complicated. As you pack your belongings, you must consider the time it will take for them to reach the destination. They must be wrapped safely so that they are able to withstand the harshness of the long distance routes. Moving to a new city or state might not be as difficult as it sounds only if you are able to find a professional moving company. Before proceeding, it would be wise to check in with the company on how they will be handling the move. GTA Moving will definitely provide you satisfactory services at very nominal long distance moving costs as they have experienced personnel to handle the job.

The Best Moving Rates from GTA Moving

Holding a very high reputation amongst the long-distance movers, GTA Moving tries its best to minimize the stress and the cost involved in long distance moving. We have the capacity to carry out an interstate move or even a cross-country move. In all our moves, we appoint a Quality Assurance Agent, who monitors all the aspects of your move and ensures that the tasks are carried out efficiently.

One question which must be crossing your mind is that how much do long distance movers cost? The two major factors which determine the cost are ‘weight’ and ‘distance’. We charge hourly rates for the labor in long distance moves. GTA Moving doesn’t believe in hidden charges and once we have decided a quote with our clients, they are not incurred with additional charges.

Currently, we offer moving services within Canada. We work with clients within 100 km around GTA and organize moves in the area up to 700 km away from Toronto. Every move is different, and there are many factors that can influence the price. For example, a move from Toronto to Ottawa costs $1799.99 and a 10-hour move to Montreal costs $1999.99.

As soon as someone hires GTA Moving, we come on an agreement with them regarding the moving services and their respective charges. Henceforth, there is no change in the decided cost and the customer only pays what they agreed to pay while hiring our services. One thing which our clients should always remember is that we need to visit their home beforehand to give them a correct estimate regarding the long distance movers cost as per their unique situation.

What Affects Your Moving Cost?

As you calculate the moving costs, don’t forget to consider the various factors which play a pivotal role in increasing or decreasing them. They will make it easier for you to determine how much do long distance movers cost:

Travel Fees — In long distance moves, the travel fee is the foremost factor which hikes the cost because of the distance which needs to be covered. Everything including the fuel, labor, and truck rental increase when it takes time to travel between the two houses.

Move Size — If you are moving a lot of stuff, the long distance moving costs increase depending on the size of the move. It is better to get rid of the unnecessary, excessive stuff otherwise, you would need to pay a large sum of money.

Moving Supplies — If you’re not able to find free supplies elsewhere, you have no option other than to purchase them from the company. While there is no denying that the quality of these supplies is superior, so you can cut the cost by getting rid of extra belongings.

Date of the Move — Unless you are caught in something important, always choose a weekday for a move. This greatly brings down the cost of a long distance move because weekend is the peak season for moving.

Insurance — It is quite likely that you will purchase insurance to offer your belongings the much needed protection during the move. There are multiple levels of protection and their rates vary so your choice determines how much do long distance movers cost.

Storage — If you have some stuff which is complicated to move but you can’t get rid of it as well, then the storage services are of use for you. As much as they are useful, they also tend to increase the long distance moving costs. These rates vary from one company to another so always hire someone after getting a complete quote.

Customized Move — If you have some special requirements for the moving company or need to customize their services to suit your needs, you have to pay extra. The more requirements you present, the more the cost will increase.

Easy Ways to Cut Moving Costs

First of all, you must start planning in advance if you want your experience to be stress-free. If you make most of the arrangements ahead of time and stay organized during a long-distance move, you have already cut down your costs significantly. You can also try the following tactics:

Find Friends and Family — Unless you have enough budget to pay for a professional full-service move, you can take help from your loved ones. The only thing to ensure is that they must be able to lift heavy objects and have enough time to dedicate to this task.

Look for Free Moving Supplies — This is the most convenient way to slash the prices as these supplies don’t come cheap. You can check out the local stores or the recycling drop-off points for storage boxes. There are plenty of online platforms as well that can provide you with the necessary materials to facilitate the moving process and bring down the average cost.

Choose the Moving Date Wisely — When you move during the mid of the week or the month, you will be able to get very reasonable moving quotes from various companies. Moving on a weekend sounds convenient but remember that everyone would choose an off day from work for moving, thus, causing the cost of moving to soar high.

Get Multiple Quotes — Before you make a choice, make sure to shop around for a while and get long distance movers rates from a number of companies in the moving industry. Contact the customer service and talk to them regarding the services. After getting in contact with various movers, you will realize that GTA Moving offers the best services in the most nominal costs.

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