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Whether you're moving across the neighborhood or across the country, moving is a stressful and difficult endeavor. Trying to take on this task by yourself will just waste time and effort. Instead, we highly recommend that you use a Newmarket mover with GTA Moving to make moving in Newmarket simple and easy. We maintain multiple competitive advantages that make us one of the top companies in Newmarket. When we give you a quote, we stick to it — you'll never see us raise your personalized price. If we have a team on the road when you call, we can get to your location within 90 minutes after placing your phone order! We also value your items as much as you do.

Our hard working employees are specially trained to be able to disassemble and pack your items, then reassemble them at your destination. In addition, we make sure that each professional mover is continuously monitored by a Quality Assurance Agent, so we know that our Newmarket employees are doing a great job and handling your prized possessions with the care that they deserve. In fact, we believe in the value of your items so thoroughly that we insure all of your items as we are moving them. We will carefully pack all of your items, from TVs to pianos to dressers and more. Once they've been packed, you can store your items at our warehouse if necessary. We even bring the personalization an extra step forward by giving you the option to ride in the cab of the truck with the driver.

Storage Service in Newmarket

If you find yourself needing to move your items out, but you don't have anywhere to move them, we can help you. Our Newmarket moving company owns multiple warehouses that are spacious, clean, and secure, so you don't have to worry about your items being damaged or stolen. Call us today for a free estimate on our storage services!

Packaging Service in Newmarket

No matter what you're moving, GTA's Newmarket movers will professionally pack your items at no extra cost. It's extremely important that the packaging is done properly, so that your items arrive at their destination safely, so we take it upon ourselves to do it as part of our moving services. We also mark every package thoroughly, so you can find everything easily once your items have been moved.

Moving boxes and supplies in Newmarket

No matter what supplies you need for your small-scale moving, our Newmarket movers services can help you find them. Our wide selection of high-quality, cost-efficient packing supplies includes packing tape, bubble wrap packing paper, paper pads, markers, and stretch wrap.

Piano Moving Service in Newmarket

Every item that you move, especially when it comes to large items, must be handled differently. One of the most time and labor-intensive items to move is a piano. No matter what kind of piano it is, you need to take extreme care and caution with piano moving, and that's where our Newmarket piano mover service comes in. We ensure that your piano is packaged correctly, moved gently, and delivered to the destination safely.

Home Moving Service in Newmarket

We have experience with all kinds of residential moving, and know how to navigate homes, apartments, condominiums, townhouses, penthouses, and everything in between. Whether you just need items to be moved between rooms of your house, you need local moving help, or you're preparing for a long distance move, we can help you pack and transport your items, stress free.

Business (office) Moving Service in Newmarket

When it comes to an office move, the most important thing is to reduce downtime, and get all of your items to the destination and set up as quickly as possible. No matter the size or shape of your company, we provide commercial moves that will help you settle in your new location with minimal downtime.

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