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Storage Units in Newmarket

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Why Rent Storage Units in Newmarket from GTA Moving

If you have more belongings than ever and they just don’t fit in your home anymore then you might need an additional space – somewhere safe, clean, and protected from the elements, while also requiring enough room to store everything you need. You want someone trustworthy and professional; a company who will care for your items and keep them safe and secure for you by offering storage in Newmarket.

That’s where GTA Moving comes in. Our storage facility ticks all the boxes. Not only are the spaces clean, roomy, and completely safe, they also benefit from a climate-controlled environment. That means that the temperature inside the units is constant, so your possessions are protected year-round, during winter blizzards and negative temperatures, or during the scorching summer.

GTA Moving Self-Storage in Newmarket Pricing

Like with all companies who offer storage spaces, the price will depend on the size of the space, and for how long you need to use the space. Here are some of the prices at GTA Moving for storage units in Newmarket:

5x5 450x450 self storage unit in Toronto

5‘ X 5’ Storage Unit

25 sq. ft. hall closet

Unit recommended for storage: chest of drawers, office supplies, files, records, boxes, small furniture items.
5x10 450x450 storage unit layout

5‘ X 10’ Storage Unit

50 sq. ft. walk-in closet

Recommended Storage: mattress, dining room set, a drawer chest, boxes, miscellaneous items.


5 x 15 180x180 secure self storage unit

5‘ X 15’ Storage Unit

75 sq. ft. large walk-in closet

Recommended Storage: couches, washer/dryer, patio furniture, house furniture, a number of small boxes.


10x10 450x450 storage unit

10‘ X 10’ Storage Unit

100 sq. ft. average size bedroom

Recommended Storage: kitchen appliances, washer/dryer, patio furniture, house furniture, many small boxes.


10x15 450x450 storage unit

10‘ X 15’ Storage Unit

150 sq. ft. large bedroom

Recommended Storage: kitchen appliances, washer/dryer, patio furniture, household furniture, many boxes.

from $210

14x20 450x450 storage unit

10‘ X 20’ Storage Unit
200 sq. ft. one-car garage
Recommended Storage: appliances, patio furniture, plenty of boxes, small vehicle, or a boat.

from $275

10x15 450x450

10‘ X 25’ Storage Unit

250 sq. ft. large one car garage
Recommended Storage: appliances, patio furniture, miscellaneous garage items, small boat or vehicle, boxes.

from $320

14x20 450x450

10‘ X 30’ Storage Unit

300 sq. ft. extra-large garage

Recommended Storage: appliances, household and patio furniture, small boat or vehicle, bikes, a few boxes.

from $360


GTA Moving offers a variety of units sizes: 10″X10″, 5″X6″, 5″X5″, 5″X4″ and 4″X4″, OUR SIZES ARE DIFFERENT which will determine the cost of your storage.


Features You Get With GTA Moving Storage in Newmarket

GTA Moving offers you totally safe storage in Newmarket for your possessions. If you choose to rent self-storage units in the storage facility in Newmarket, here is what you can expect your storage package to feature:

  • A facility that is conveniently located and equipped with a great security system to protect your belongings.

  • A professional relocation service that will take care of your items and will ensure that they are being handled appropriately.

  • Access to your belongings will be granted within 24 hours in all the storage units in Newmarket.

  • Units of various sizes are available for your needs so that you can pick out the most optimal space for your belongings.

  • A key to lock and unlock the unit, that you can take with you or leave it with the storage manager if you wish.

  • A shelving option is available to clients who require their belongings to be better organized and stored.

  • A fixed fee, so there are no surprise extra costs to worry about down the line.

  • Unlike other storage facilities, clean units are guaranteed for all clients, including climate-control, so that your possessions are stored in the most optimal conditions possible.

Special Services in Newmarket

If you opt to leave your belongings in the capable hands of GTA Moving, there are also some special services you can benefit from, in addition to storage units in Newmarket:

Moving Services

Moving services in NewmarketMoving is always a hassle, but our movers in Newmarket can make it easier. GTA Moving is the company you are looking for! Newmarket is one of the prime locations where GTA Moving operates, and you can rest assured that a team of highly skilled and highly trained professionals will be handling your move and everything that entails.

Not only is GTA Moving quick, capable, and professional, the services are also cost-effective. The priority is always the client’s satisfaction and making the transition as smooth as possible. A Quality Assurance Agent is present for the entire duration of the process, and the team can reach you as quickly as within 60-90 minutes from the moment you call.

Packing Services

Packing in NewmarketDo you hate packing? Luckily, you don’t have to do it yourself, because GTA Moving offers specialized packing services, whether you’re moving house or moving your things into storage units in Newmarket. You can rest assured that your most fragile and valuable items will be appropriately packed in order to ensure their successful transition.

Everything from moving boxes and supplies to disassembling furniture and assembling it at the new place and packing every single item individually is ensured by the professional team from GTA Moving. A moving consultant will coordinate the process with you, to make sure that all of your needs and wants are met and covered.

Reviews of Storage in Newmarket

5 stars rating

“I had to move back in with my parents for a while recently, and I needed to store some stuff. The unit I got was really clean, spacious, and I found everything exactly like I left it. I’d use them again if I need storage!”

Adam F., Newmarket

5 stars rating

“The personal storage unit is clean and it fits all my stuff, so it’s great!”

Tim B.

5 stars rating

“My husband inherited a boat, but we had nowhere to put it at our house. The garage is always full. We rented a space at GTA storage and we’re really happy with it. Climate-controlled and everything!”

Carly Pottery

5 stars rating

“I hate moving, especially since we had kids, so I hired GTA Moving in Newmarket to move our things and even put some of the kids’ baby stuff into self-storage and it’s been a life-saver.”

Anna O'Kelly

5 stars rating

“Really happy with the unit!”

Mark Martin