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Small Ontario Towns for a Quiet Life

Who doesn’t like the fresh air of small towns and the loveliest sights that give you peace? The charm of small towns is irresistible, making them an ideal choice for residence or even for a recreational visit. While there is no end to facilities in big cities, the hustle and bustle can become a little overwhelming at times.

Canada’s most populous province, Ontario, has the finest small towns spread across it. We share with you some of the hidden gems of the region that will give you memories to last for a lifetime.

10 Small Towns in Ontario


Ranked in the top 10 wealthiest towns in Canada, Aurora is a prominent setting in the central York Region in the Greater Toronto Area. Old records show that even in the 19th century, the town was an enterprising community with several mills and factories. The rich history of the area is still depicted in the museums and monuments it hosts.

If you are in Aurora, you cannot miss seeing the epic Northern Lights. It is a naturally occurring phenomenon that draws the attention of all the tourists to this place. When the sun’s electrically charged particles interact with Earth’s atmosphere, they cause curtains of color to dance in the sky, displaying a breathtaking view to the onlooker.

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Bradford is one of those small Ontario towns that offer adventure, good food, and nature. It is located in the County of Simcoe, in south-central Ontario. Overlooking the farming community known as Holland Marsh, the town neighbors the beautiful Holland River that flows into Lake Simcoe.

Named after a town in Yorkshire, London, the town was incorporated as a village in 1857. Only a few minutes away from the core of Bradford, the Scanlon Creek Conservation Area is worth a visit. It allows you to experience wildlife closely and sink in all the marvelous views of sandy beaches.


The beautiful town of Concord came into existence as a farming hamlet. The commuter highways, including Highway 7 and Highway 407, skirt through this neighborhood and connect it to other parts of the country. The town is a mix of charming and modern, with a rich history along with contemporary architecture.

Vaughan Mills is a premium mall in the area, which is not only a local landmark but also a perfect spot for dining and entertainment. If you want to have a great time with your friends and family, don’t forget to visit Planet Play which boasts a clean environment and a friendly staff.


Situated in the Golden Horseshoe of Southern Ontario, Maple is an urban community in Vaughan. It lies to the northeast of Oak Ridges Moraine, which supplies a sufficient amount of water to the Greater Toronto Area. Its continental climate is moderated by the presence of great lakes and influenced by warm, moist air.

Maple is well-equipped with its own recreational facilities like sports and swimming. It boasts some prominent landmarks like Eagle’s Nest Golf Club, Maple Downs Golf and Country Club, and Canada’s wonderland. The Go Station from Maple makes it convenient to commute anywhere from this vicinity.

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Richmond Hill

If you’re looking for large homes with well-tended gardens, Richmond Hill is the place to visit. It comes with plenty of personal and professional growth opportunities for the residents and a number of exciting activities for the visitors. With popular green spaces like Lake Wilcox and plenty of recreational parks, it is a delight for tourists.

The place is cultural heaven and one can experience the local traditions through the self-guided Richmond Hill Studio Tour. While one can have all the fun in this place, the tranquility and peace offered by it are not matched by other small Ontario towns.


Once known as a small rural town, Milton is now home to more than 110,000 people. Without a doubt, it is one of the fastest-growing communities in the Greater Toronto Area. The town boasts a picturesque downtown that is home to some scrumptious cuisines and charming local shops.

Because of being a small town in Ontario, it is not exactly on the map of many tourists. However, the town deserves our love and attention as it offers the best natural beauty and recreation. With the most beautiful views, the tourists can enjoy a walk around the park. Also, they can support the local arts community by visiting the Arts Center in Milton.


While Durham might be one of the smallest towns in Ontario, it has some amusing things to offer. Located in the West Grey farm country, it has splendid specialty shops, a grand river, and entertainment activities for everyone. Over the last decade, the population of Durham has remained steady at 2500 people, making the area less crowded.

It is one of the most appealing small towns in Ontario because of offering a healthy lifestyle to its minimum population of citizens. This town in Canada hosts plenty of annual arts and cultural festivals, so make sure to plan your trip around the same time. You can also tease your adventurous side with splendid hiking, swimming, and fishing activities.

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With a diverse community and a rich cultural heritage, Markham is home to 350,000 people. Referred to as the melting pot of cultures, it is where the old meets the new. Unfortunately, tourists tend to overlook it for some reason. From exploring historic buildings to enjoying adventurous bike rides, there’s plenty to see and do here.

With so many cultures coming together, the place offers a diverse range of cuisines. Also, the city hosts numerous events throughout the year, providing social entertainment to the residents and visitors. There is no dearth of exciting places in the city, as history enthusiasts can visit the museum and art lovers can go to the theater.


Located at a distance of less than 40 km from Toronto, Pickering is a fascinating place to visit owing to its rich history and vibrant scenery. If you are lucky enough to spend some time here, start by exploring the shore of a lake and the lush green park to connect to the nature and beauty of the area.

If you want to explore the area’s flora and fauna more closely, plan a hike through the forest. The Pickering Museum Village will make you step back in time and show what life was like during the early development years of this town. You will be fascinated by the splendid collection of artifacts kept by the museum and independent shops.


This beautiful town in Ontario was settled by Europeans in the 1790s and incorporated as a part of metropolitan Toronto in 1850. It has grown from a small rural village to an urban and diverse cultural community. Initially known as Glasgow, the town was renamed in 1793 because its coastal bluffs resembled the cliffs at Scarborough, England.

If you want an escape to nature among some fantastic views and mouth-watering cuisines, Scarborough is the place for you. Offering a large zoo and a camping adventure at the Rouge National Urban Park, Scarborough will tickle your adventurous side too. It is ideal for those who love staying outdoors and enjoying a surreal atmosphere.

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