Moving a cat to a new home

Moving Across Country with Cats – Relocation Tips to Save You from Hassle

Do you have a cat and are you going to move? You find moving to a new home quite stressful, but that is nothing compared to what cats feel like when they switch their living space. Cats are sensitive, who don’t like change, so moving can negatively impact their behavior.

Cats bond with their environment - they prefer to spend time in a familiar atmosphere and show resistance to new routines. When moving with a cat, one needs to minimize the stress to mitigate the anxiety of the situation.

The reaction of your feline friend has a lot to do with their temperament. It’s the sense of security and relaxation that causes them to become attached to a setting. Nevertheless, try to make the experience as smooth as possible for her.

If the new house is near the old one, your cat will return to the old haunts. So, how do you help a cat with moving? With the right planning and following appropriate tactics, you can reduce your cat’s stress before and during the move. Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to move cats across country with no hassle.

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Preparing the Cat to Move

Confine it Indoors

Your cat may become stressed by noticing the changes taking place because of the move. It may try to hide, escape, or run away, making it essential to keep it locked within the house. Start training your cat to stay indoors a few weeks before the move, even if you let them play outside. If being confined makes her unhappy, help her adjust by introducing appealing activities for her.

Stick to Your Normal Routine

As you prep for a move, the extra chores and the packing tasks will keep you occupied. When you transition to your new home, it is essential to maintain consistency in your cat’s routine. Keep feeding your cat at the usual time and put their belongings in the same place, including bowls, litter boxes, and scratch pads. Play with them and give them the same amount of attention they are used to getting from you.

Introduce it to Cat Carrier

While moving a cat, it will likely travel in a cat carrier so, help her get used to it. Choose a cozy and well-secured carrier designed for transport. Keep it open in an area of the house where she spends most of her time. Place a soft bed inside, and you can attract her through treats or catnips. If your cat develops a positive association with the carrier, it will not feel stressed during the moving process.

Fun Activities with the Moving Boxes

Most cats love playing with moving boxes, and if your cat is among them, things will become easier. You can make the moving cat process less stressful by leaving empty boxes around for your cat to play. Meanwhile, you can continue with packing your belongings and preparing for the move. If you notice them being skittish, use some organic catnip spray on the boxes to make them appealing.

Consider Getting Pheromone Therapy

As soon as you begin packing, start using pheromone diffusers. Keep using them during transfer and also while settling in the new home. Despite the joy of playing in the fun cardboard boxes, your cat will start sensing something’s wrong. Therefore, you need to adopt this therapy if you want to keep it calm. While other products are handy, a pheromone collar always stays with your cat, making it more effective.

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On the Moving Day

Keep Your Cat Restricted to a Room

It’s impossible to restrict activity during the moving process. You will open and close the front door many times as you load the moving truck and the last thing you want is your cat running off. Equip the room with a cat bed, food and water, litter box, scratching post, and toys. Remove the items you have to place in the truck before settling your cat in the room.

Get a Mild Sedative from Your Vet

If you have long distance moving with a cat, it might be better to ask for a sedative from the vet. The veterinarian might also offer to help by keeping your cat for a while. All this helps in avoiding the potential risks of your friend going missing during moving cat. Also, it allows you to settle before adding your beloved pet to the new setup. It also means that you’ll be calmer when bringing your cat home.

Feed a Small Meal

When the moving day arrives, stress and anxiety run through your entire body. If you are so overwhelmed with all the emotions, how can your cat not be? So, how to help a cat with stress from moving? You can cut down its meals on that particular day to avoid experiencing vomiting or an upset stomach. This technique will also help if your cat tends to get motion sickness during traveling. This usual tip is applied to not only traveling with cats in a car for long distance but to other types of home pets too.

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Settling in the New House

Focus on Cleanliness

Cats have astute senses! This aspect becomes more critical if other animals have lived in your new home. They can pick on not just smells but also the experiences those animals have had in that home. Any stress those animals may have had can cause your cat to feel upset. Deep clean the carpet with shampoo and vacuum every corner to ensure no lingering smells or particles.

Introduce a Dedicated Room

As soon as you enter your new home, leave the carrier in a calm and relatively quiet room in the house. You can set it up as the cat-introduction room and place the cat’s food, water bowl, litter box, and a comfortable bed in it. Equip it with her favorite toys and cat treats so that she likes the new environment. Let her settle in the safe room and feel comfortable before allowing your cat to explore other parts of the house.

Be Wary of Runaway Cats

When in a new place, a cat may attempt to return to its old home. The safest thing is to keep your cat indoors at all times until you’re sure that they have bonded with the new environment. To help with the connection, feed them small meals quite often and keep offering small treats. Even if you let your cat go outdoors, call them back inside within a few minutes and keep an eye on them.

Now you know how to travel with a cat across country!

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