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Furniture in Second Hand - Staying Thrifty and Eco-Friendly

When you put your heart and soul into a living space, it becomes your home, and furniture is one essential element that depicts your style and taste. It is a reflection of your inner self and makes you comfortable within your personal space.

No matter how much you love your furniture, you would want to replace it as home décor trends change. It is better to find cheap yet quality items at a used furniture store instead of disturbing your budget by buying brand new ones.

When you buy new furniture, you can sell off the old pieces. Items that you are bored of might seem attractive to someone else. Also, one of the main reasons for getting rid of or buying furniture in second hand is moving. If you’re shifting to a new place, you would prefer a change in your décor instead of keeping the same furnishings. As you sell your furnishings, you can ensure someone else can use them, reducing the carbon footprint on the planet.

Because of the high demand for furniture in second hand, there are plenty of thrift shops and online furniture stores dealing in it. If you’re looking for a place where you can sell your old furniture and buy second-hand stuff, here are a few options to consider.

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Stores Buying Used Furniture


One of the most popular online classifieds sites, Craigslist, might be the right spot for you to buy and sell used furniture. Listings are free, and it only takes a few minutes to complete all the details.

To attract more views, one should include maximum photos and provide detailed descriptions. When buying furniture, you would like to have more information at your disposal. So, do the same when you are posting a listing.

The number of used home goods sold or purchased through Craigslist is just mindboggling. The site’s popularity is unbelievable as many people rely on it to make dealings in second-hand items. The unlimited options available make it one of the favorite stores that buy used furniture among people.

It allows the potential buyers to visit to check the item on their own. Depending on the seller, there is also a margin for sale price negotiation. Given the number of options available on this website, one should do thorough research before deciding.

Facebook Marketplace

In the age of social media, everyone relies on it to get their purpose served. Facebook Marketplace is an ideal place to buy and sell stuff locally. All you need to do is list your item on the local buy and sell page without paying a single penny.

It is better to present a detailed listing so that more buyers are interested in your offer. Highlight the features that you think will grab maximum attention and urge people to buy used furniture. Facebook ads can also be a great way to attract local buyers.

You can find local Facebook garage sale pages that help in boosting the visibility of your listing. While giving you the best exposure in the local community, the website has an extensive reach online.

One of the best things about Facebook Marketplace is the variety that buyers can find. From finding hardly-used furniture in second hand to getting your hands on very cheap furniture that requires a bit of fixing, you can get anything and everything on Facebook.

You will find this website similar to Craigslist. With an easy-to-use interface, you can easily browse any piece of furniture. You can either search by city for accurate listings or sort by items.

From cabinets and dressers to area rugs and couches, you can find a large number of listings on the website. However, verify these listings before making the purchase. You might even be able to bargain to get the desired lowest rate.

One of the most notable benefits of is that you will be able to buy used furniture at a reasonable price that would otherwise cost an arm and leg. It becomes easier to keep up with the latest trends set by interior designers without hurting your pocket.

When you are trying to sell something, create a listing that is short yet interesting. Take high-quality pictures from the right angles so that your furniture appeals to the people who view the listing. Great deals always attract more engagement.

Coast Consignment

Coast Consignment is the right place for you if you are looking for items that are in good condition. Formerly known as Consignment Canada, the business started in 2004. You are going to find some classic vintage furniture items on their website.

They might be dealing in second-hand furniture, but they have specific standards that each article featured on their website must meet. All the furnishings listed on the website have a reasonable resale value.

Although the products on their website might be pricier than the other things you may find in the market, there is no doubt about the quality you’re getting. They keep some of the most well-crafted pieces out of landfills and maintain their aesthetic appeal.

The consignment store is in North Vancouver, but you can find the not-to-be-missed collection on their website. You can also check their artwork and jewelry sections. You may find something within your budget that will be a perfect addition to your house.


The app is very user-friendly for people wanting to buy and sell used furniture. There is no denying that it is one of the first online marketplaces that comes to your mind when dealing with second-hand items.

Sellers can upload a snapshot of the item they want to sell. You can either put your item for sale or auction on the online store. If the trade becomes successful, you have to pay a nominal 13% fee on the final selling price.

Shipping is also not a hassle when you’re working with eBay. They have a local pick-up service that picks the item from your place, saving you from expensive shipping. Your heavy furniture items will reach their new destination without any trouble.

Given the trust people put in this online store that buys used furniture, one can hardly find substandard items in furniture for sale. They require you to put multiple pictures in your listing and describe the condition of your furniture in detail so that people know what they would be getting.

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Moving, Packing, and Storage Services from Professional Movers

Selling your old furniture and buying a different design from a thrift store is the best way to save money and have a minimum footprint on the planet. This way, you’ll reduce the number of items in your home and make the moving process easier for yourself.

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