How to pack fragile items for moving

How to Pack Fragile Items? A Simple Guide to Follow

Moving to a new house is exciting, but it brings with it a lot of stress. It is not something that can be carried out quickly and requires immense effort. It starts with the process of packing – a task that takes up most of your time. The sooner you start, the better are the chances that you are not going to miss out on things.

Packing is fun, especially when it gives you a chance to declutter your house. This allows you to minimize your belongings and take only the items of need in the new house. Packing can prove to be a very tedious process but, the most pressing concern is how to package fragile items?

In homes and offices, several fragile or breakable items require special care when moving from one place to another. You have to be very careful while packing and transporting electronics and glassware as they are prone to damage. If not packed properly, they cannot handle the difficulties of moving.

Pack fragile items using proper packing materials that provide cushion during transportation. All the delicate items that are susceptible to cracking or breaking, such as wine glasses or picture frames, should be packed properly so that they can withstand the pressures of moving.

Tips to Pack Fragile Items

To avoid any damage during the moving process, implement the right packing techniques and use proper packing materials. Here are some useful packing tips that are going to make the process easier for you:

Start in Advance

Even if you’re not sure about the final destination, there are high chances that you are aware of the move for a long time. Start as early as possible because packing such delicate items requires some time. You cannot rush with valuable crystal, porcelain, china, and other breakables.

Each item requires proper packing, and you need to have ample time to do so. All those items that are not of immediate need should get packed in advance. If you’re not hiring professional movers, never keep fragile items for the last minute. Otherwise, you’ll not be able to pack these items properly.

Have All the Packing Supplies

To pack fragile items, you need to have proper fragile packing materials that can provide cushion during transportation. You cannot simply put them in a box and place them alongside your other belongings on the moving truck. If you observe carelessness in this regard, there are high chances that you will not find them in one piece when you start unpacking.

Make sure that you have enough bubble wrap, markers, packing peanuts, newspaper or packing paper, dish and glass packers, packing tape, towels and rags, and plastic furniture covers. If you have Styrofoam sleeves for electronics from the original packing, it is better to repack them in the same way to provide the maximum level of protection.

Always Use Durable Boxes

It is easy to find cardboard boxes from the local stores. However, most of these boxes are in compromised condition and are not suited to carry fragile items. When china or glassware is placed in such boxes, they are unable to bear the weight and may tear apart at any time during the move.

It is better to look for thicker and sturdier boxes that are in good condition or rent plastic moving bins. Ensure that the box can bear the weight being put in it and never use flimsy boxes as they are not reliable. It is better to spend extra money on getting the best packing material for fragile items than being sorry after losing an expensive belonging.

Secure the Box

Irrespective of how sturdy the box is, you still need to ensure that the belongings inside stay protected. Start with layering the bottom of the box with bubble wrap, Styrofoam, or packing paper. You can even use towels to add a cushion. By adding a layer on the insides of the box, you are ensuring the safety of your valuable items.

Tape all the open seams and corners so that they remain sealed even after the weight is added inside the box. You cannot expect others to handle each box with care. Mistakes can happen and you might lose some precious items just because someone did not place the box with care. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Fill Empty Spaces and Hollow Items

No empty space should be left inside the box. Because of this space, the items will not stay stable in their position and will move around as the box is carried from one place to another. These items may incur damage during the commute. Therefore, they must remain in one position throughout the moving process.

Use packing peanuts, paper, or towels to ensure that there is no space inside the box, especially when packing lamps or packing bowls for moving. This will prevent such fragile items from moving around. Also, add packing paper to hollow spaces like glasses and jars as this helps in softening the vibrations. Finally, add a layer to the top as well before sealing the box.

Use Plenty of Packing Tape

You should have an unlimited supply of packing tape as it is the best packing material for fragile items. The more packing tape you use, the more protected are your belongings. You need to safeguard the box by adding layers of packing tape and cover the open corners and spaces.

Each fragile item is wrapped in bubble wrap and secured. When a generous amount of packing tape is added, it prevents the items from shifting underneath the wrapping sheets during travel. It might seem like a tedious task but is better than compromising the safety of your belongings. Because of additional packing tape, the items receive more support.

Wrap Individual Items

Whether you are packing dishes or packing plates for moving, each item should be wrapped individually in bubble wrap or packing paper. While this requires a lot of time and effort, it will ensure that all the items can resist any damage during the move. It is better to remove all the loose pieces and wrap them individually.

Instead of packing paper, newspapers can also be used for wrapping. It is important to secure the stemware of wine glasses and crumple up paper inside the hollow spaces when packing glasses for moving. Even if you have saved the original packaging of glassware and china, it is better to add protection by wrapping each item individually.

Do Not Stuff the Boxes

Since you are dealing with brittle items, you cannot add excessive items in a single box. It is better to go for small boxes that can accommodate fewer items. Not only are small boxes easy to handle but they also do not allow items to shift around inside them. Always remember to fill even the smallest of spaces with extra padding.

If the size of the fragile item is large or if it is oddly shaped, it is better to keep it in a box of its size. Such items should be placed individually so that the boxes do not become overweight. Even if you have to put a few items together, the heavier items should be placed at the bottom of the box so that the base is well-supported and smaller items don’t get crushed.

Pack Different Items Differently

Make a list of all the fragile items in the house that need to be packed with care. Apart from knowing what items you’ll be packing, you should also be aware of how to pack them. A flat-screen TV and wine glasses are both delicate items, but they are not packed in a similar manner. You should also be aware of how to pack vases for moving?

It is a good idea to do your research beforehand about packing each item and have enough packing supplies. Antiques, appliances, electronics, china, and glassware are packed differently and require different types of packaging materials. You would not like to go out of any of the packing supplies as this will halt the packing process and waste your time.

Label Each Box

As soon as you have packed a box, label it ‘fragile’ before you can forget. This will allow you others to identify the boxes that have brittle objects and they are going to handle them carefully during the move. These boxes are then accordingly placed in the moving truck so that they can be transported smoothly.

If you don’t label them, they can easily get mixed with other boxes and no special care will be taken while transporting them. Keep all such boxes separate, and it would be a good idea to communicate to the movers or anyone else who is helping you out with the move which boxes require extra care.

Take Ample Time

There is no denying that moving is a very stressful process and it can get frustrating if you try to pack all the items quickly. It is better to start earlier so that you don’t have to hasten the process. However, even if you weren’t able to do so, there is no need to rush it as fragile items require proper handling.

It is worth taking extra time to properly pack each item. It ensures that your valuable possessions are safely transported to your new house. Instead of worrying about getting new crockery or losing your favorite decorations, it is better to put extra time and effort so that your possessions stay safe.

Get Help From Professional Packers And Movers

The hectic schedules and job routine makes it difficult to have enough time for packing. When packing fragile items, there are no shortcuts. You have to make an extra effort by wrapping each item individually so that shipping fragile items remain safe from any kind of impact.

Instead of worrying about packing and not being able to find time to do so, it is better to hire professional help. GTA Moving Services is a well-reputed company that provides exemplary moving, packing, and storage services. It is a good idea to hire pro packers and movers and save yourself from unnecessary fuss.

Some people believe that hiring professional help is expensive. However, the truth is that you can save money and your precious time when you let a professional do this job. From firmly packing all your breakable items to unpacking them and placing them safely in the new house, they will take care of everything.

The best thing about GTA Moving is that we provide a free quote. All you need to do is make a call and let us know about the requirements. The final price doesn’t change from the original quote if all the factors that can affect the moving process are considered. Hire the best packing and moving company and make your move a breeze.

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