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What Are the Best Neighbourhoods in Hamilton to Settle Down In?

Generally speaking, when most Canadians think of searing hot real estate markets, Hamilton is never really part of the discussion. Nonetheless, during the past five years, the average property price in neighbourhoods in Hamilton has increased by more than 60%, a rate that is not dissimilar to the frantic pace of growth seen in Toronto and Vancouver.

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That said, the city of Hamilton has a well-established reputation as a gritty, blue-collar manufacturing city, but it's also drawing a younger generation of people. In reality, Hamilton is similar to Toronto's popular Queen West neighbourhood, albeit on a far larger scale. And in this article, we shall delve into the best neighbourhoods in Hamilton where you can set up a loving home!

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St. Clair

Properties in St. Clair have been known to sell for up to C$200,000 more than they were originally listed for. Newer developments are contributing to the improvement of this neighbourhood's image.

Stinson Properties has been transforming historic schools in the neighbourhood into lofts for several years. One such project is the Stinson School Lofts, which is housed in an old schoolhouse that was erected in 1894. For under C$550,000, you may own a two-story penthouse in the 120-year-old structure that boasts exposed wood beams and 1,628 square feet of space.

The homes in this Hamilton neighbourhood are full of character. They are all pre-war, which means they are larger homes with original trim and furnishings.

Crown Point

Crown Point East is a great place to be if you want to get into the spirit of things. Many new independent restaurants have opened in this neighbourhood in recent years. Many purchasers from the Greater Toronto Area are taking an interest in this neighbourhood since it allows them to get more for their money.

Crown Point West is also undergoing a transformation that has been long needed. Despite the fact that property values in this area have increased by about 100% over the previous five years, properties in this area continue to sell at a significant discount to those in the rest of the city.


A total of 12,000 Hamiltonians call Durand their home, and there's room for more. This historic neighbourhood has fought against demolitions for decades in order to ensure that there is a sufficient supply of affordable rental stock in historically significant buildings. Because this small, community-oriented neighbourhood hosts several events for its residents, there is always an opportunity to meet new people in this buzzing neighbourhood of happenings.

Durand is a historic neighbourhood that is centred around the community. Durand is conveniently positioned near downtown, allowing inhabitants easy access to the city's commercial and cultural centres. It is among the most diverse of Hamilton, Ontario neighbourhoods, offering a diverse range of housing options, ranging from classic homes to brand new condominium developments. Anything and everything may be found in Durand to suit your needs.

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Corktown, one of the city's original downtown Hamilton neighbourhoods, has something for everyone. It is steeped in history and charm, with a large number of character homes, and is conveniently located near any and all amenities you might desire, like parks, public transportation, restaurants, and shopping.

This is the ideal location for young families as well as working professionals. In case you need to go to Toronto, the Hamilton GO station, as well as Locke Street shopping and the Hamilton Art Gallery, will be just a few steps away from your home.

There are several parks, including Corktown, Shamrock, and Woolverton Parks, as well as numerous Niagara Escarpment paths, that provide plenty of green space and opportunities for recreation.


This neighbourhood, which is home to many young families, is also home to the Westdale Village Shopping District. It provides easy access to a range of small businesses and is popular among residents for its small-town vibe.

A popular neighbourhood for students and academics and their families, Westdale is home to McMaster University, a historic institution with a long history of academic excellence.
With the Westdale Theatre and the McMaster Museum of Art, as well as lovely hiking paths in Cootes Paradise, a wildlife sanctuary, Westdale provides a wonderful blend of nature and city life. Westdale is also in close proximity to Dundurn Castle, which is one of Hamilton's most beloved sights.


With the advent of the Hamilton Brock campus, what was once a tranquil neighbourhood for families has been transformed into a thriving community. A slew of adorable stores and restaurants has popped up on the main street to serve the growing number of local students. Student families in the Greater Toronto Area will appreciate that the Hamilton GO station is conveniently located in Bartonville, making weekend journeys back home a breeze. Take a relaxing ride on the Escarpment Railway after a hectic exam to help you unwind.


Up-and-coming Gibson is a real-estate investor's dream come true. Gibson, formerly a peaceful residential neighbourhood, is now one of Hamilton's most sought-after real estate destinations, making it one of the most desirable tickets in the city. Gibson, conveniently located near downtown and the harbour, has a diverse selection of quirky, character-filled homes that are nevertheless reasonably priced. Even if the neighbourhood is still on the rise, it is wise to take advantage of the current opportunities while they are available.


This historically significant neighbourhood is witnessing a revival as investors flock to the area to take advantage of its ideal downtown position. Stinson, located in the foothills of the mountain, provides all of the conveniences of downtown while maintaining a relaxed, local, and neighbourly atmosphere thanks to the beautiful tree-lined residential lanes that are just steps from the centre. A thriving singles culture exists in this neighbourhood, and fantastic deals can be obtained in the surrounding area.


Kirkendall is a beautiful suburb that is active and eclectic, located in the southwestern portion of Hamilton, just before downtown. Kirkendall has a diverse population, and inhabitants describe it as a safe and enjoyable place to live. At any moment, there are stylish stores and restaurants open and a plethora of things to do.

The nightlife, wonderful restaurants, and grabbing a drink on one of the adjacent patios are all popular among the locals. In recent years, it's become increasingly popular, particularly among young professionals and twenty-somethings. It's also regarded as one of Hamilton's best places to raise a family. It's very safe, which new parents like, and the neighbourhood has a welcoming vibe.


Listed here are just a few of the many family-friendly communities in the city of Hamilton, Ontario. There is a neighbourhood for everyone, thanks to a fantastic mix of amenities such as natural green space, parks, public transportation, and shopping, as well as the charm and individuality of specific neighbourhoods.

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