Moving with a dog

Moving with a Dog – Helping Your Friend in Adjusting to a New Home

Moving always comes with the excitement of setting up a new home and exploring the creative possibilities of interior décor. However, the tedious task of packing and the hassle of transporting your belongings from one place to another make moving difficult. To top it all, moving with a dog can prove to be more hectic.

You will have to pack your belongings, lift all the heavy items, do the intense cleaning, and do everything all over again as you enter the new home. It’s time-consuming, and all the surprises make it more stressful. If you don’t like all the unnecessary concussions, your dog will neither enjoy them.

It is difficult for pets to understand what is happening in their surroundings, and it is our job to make them as comfortable as possible. However, your moving process can turn into a breeze through proper planning. If you’ve organized every step of the move, things will become far more convenient than you thought they would.

Here are a few tips that will help in training your dog for the move:

Tips to Handle Moving with Dogs

Before the Move

Get Your Dog Used to Moving Supplies

Start desensitizing your dog to moving supplies a few weeks before the move. You can collect some moving boxes, place them in a corner, and allow your dog to explore them without making a fuss.

If your dog feels anxiety around this stuff, you can create a positive association by using treats when he approaches the boxes. As the dog becomes used to the presence of boxes, you can start carrying them around the house and put your belongings inside them.

Stick to His Regular Routine

You have to make sure that the routine of your dog doesn't change as the moving day comes nearer. Do not change their regular feeding and walking timings. Also, if you have a few special bonding activities with your pet, do not halt them.

If you keep a consistent routine for your dogs, they will feel safe because they know what to expect. Drastic changes around them can get them anxious, especially if they are being ignored. Take them out for the usual play and let them relax through activities that your dog loves.

Give Him Time in His Favorite Space

There’s always a part in the house that your dog loves the most. As you start packing, leave that room for the last. They can rest in that room and avoid the commotion in the house caused due to moving.

Offer them treats so that they are not bored as you become busy with the move. Turn the fan on or resort to other soothing sounds so that they do not become anxious because of the hustle and bustle in the house.

During the Move

Prepare for the Trip

A very important consideration while moving with dogs is the travel distance as it affects the mood of your pet. Whether it is a road trip with your dog in the car or international moving via airplane, make sure that the comfort of your dog is not compromised.

You can easily find a car harness so that your dog travels safely in the car. Another worthwhile investment is the travel create, which can be used in cars or planes. If the distance is too long, book a dog-friendly hotel so that your friend doesn’t feel stressed during the hectic travel routine. Also, update his microchip with the new address.

Ask a Friend or Relative to Take Care

Moving with dogs to a new home can be chaotic, especially when they see unfamiliar people taking away their favorite toys or furniture items. A change in their surroundings can be stressful for them.

If you have any friend or family members who is as friendly with your dog as you are, request them to arrange a play date with your dog on a moving day. Your dog will have a good time being away from the home when everything is a mess.

Pack Your Dog Last

Never take your dog to the car earlier as this will overheat him. Firstly, put all your belongings in the car and the moving truck safely. Then, take your dog along with you as you sit in the car.

You can cover the crate of the dog with a blanket so that your dog isn’t overwhelmed by the scenery. After a while, when he has adjusted himself in the car, you can remove the blanket and let him have an enjoyable ride.

After the Move

Keep Regular Dog Schedules

While moving is tiring, don’t delay your dog’s playtime or outside walks. All this will help in coping with dog anxiety after moving. Follow the same schedule that he had prior to the move so that he starts associating himself with the new house. If he likes playing tug or fetch, take out some time for your dog.

Never change their feeding schedule and the location where you feed them should also be similar to the previous one. For example, if he always got his meal in the kitchen, then serve him in the same place in the new home as well.

Set Up a Comfortable Space

The first thing to do in your new house is to set up a space for your dog where he feels at home. If your dog loved a certain couch or a floor cushion in the living room, create the same spot for or a dog bed him in the new house as well.

Place such rugs and blankets that smell like the old house so that your dog can connect with the new space. Always give them the choice of whether they want to engage in their new surroundings or not. If they are strained during the big move, they need places to help overcome the anxiety after moving.

Don’t Change the Furniture

You may want everything new in the house but keeping some familiar furniture items will be helpful in the adjustment of your dog in the new home. While you may want to just throw that old chair, keep it if it is your dog’s favorite.

Do not let go of the furniture items that your dog has an affinity with. However, after a while when your dog has adjusted to the new home, you can replace your old furniture with the new one and get the desired new look.

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Moving, Packing, and Storage Services from Professional Movers

The pressure of moving makes it more difficult to handle a tense pet. It is better to let professionals handle the moving tasks as you focus on the well-being of your beloved dog. GTA Moving Services has highly trained personnel who carry out all the moving and packing tasks with discipline.

From packing all your kitchenware to safely transporting large items like the refrigerator, our team will make the process of moving with a dog a breeze for you. The move is carried out following a plan, so minimum hurdles are faced during the process. Thus, you can save yourself from unnecessary hassle, and ensure that your dog remains stress-free. 

Getting help from professionals will minimize the stress of moving. Our moving company is also equipped with all the packing materials and moving supplies to pace up moving with dogs. Book our stuff for your move, and you will not be disappointed with our services as your dog stays calm during the move.

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