Moving with plants

Moving Plants — Transport Your Botanical Friends to Your New Home Safely

Moving is a tedious process, but the added pressure of moving plants makes it more stressful. Plants are not considered as a part of your household items. Most moving companies have a separate protocol for plants since they are living beings and may have distinct needs when being moved across different provinces or states.

If you have never moved plants before, you may not know how to do it the right way. Packing your plants is a delicate task that must be done properly. While it may seem daunting, it becomes a piece of cake once you understand the dos and don’ts. A simple packing guide is required for your plants to arrive in one piece to their destination.

Packing and moving by road when you have sensitive belongings can give you a tough time. Either you leave the plants behind or make sure that you have a well-devised plan to move your plants from point A to point B. We discuss in detail a few tips that can ensure that your beloved plants reach their new home safely.

Tips for Moving and Packing Plants

Looking Up State Guidelines

If you are making an interstate move, it is better to go through the necessary guidelines on how to move plants. You must know the law of the state regarding importing plants. Some states allow everything, while others have regulations about plant type, soil, and pest-free certifications. Your plants might be inspected before entering any state.

You can consult with the moving company, and they can guide you in detail about the plant regulations of the state you are moving to. Plenty of online information is available as well. It is better to spend some time getting complete knowledge about moving with plants instead of going against the plant restrictions of your new home state.

Prepare the Plants to Transport

Firstly, you have to ensure that your plants are in a condition to make a road trip. It is critical to make proper arrangements as your plants will be exposed to changed environmental conditions. They are bound to react to the changes they will be undergoing. Start preparing them two to three weeks prior to the move.

Re-pot plants from heavy clay pots into durable but lightweight plastic pots. Use the sterilized soil available at home improvement stores. Remove the dead leaves and branches by pruning the plants. As the moving day approaches, keep their exposure to sunlight minimum and water them a night before moving. Lastly, check for insects or parasites.

Pack them Properly

You cannot just put the small plants in the car and take them to your new home. They need protection from the heat, cold, and sunlight (all of which are intensified in the car). If you put them in the moving truck, there will be a lack of air inflow, water, and sunlight that will ultimately cause the plant to deteriorate or even die.

Use cardboard boxes to put the plastic pots and reinforce their bottoms by applying plenty of tapes. Make small holes in the boxes so that the plants can breathe during the transit. To keep the plants glued to their place, stuff bubble wrap and packing paper around it. Use craft paper to create a cone shape that can be put around the plant to protect the leaves.

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Take Care of the Plants You Can’t Move

It doesn’t feel nice if you have to leave any of your plants behind, but sometimes, the state regulations or the size of the plant make you do so. However, you can’t just go without finding a new home for them. They will wither and die within no time if they do not receive plant care. Ask your family and friends if any of them is willing to keep the plants.

You can also check the local nursing homes, retirement facilities, community gardens, or hospitals to know if they are interested. You can put an ad to find someone willing to buy the plants. There are online communities dedicated to finding and swapping plants that can be useful as well.

Moving Larger Plants

If the plant is too big to fit in the trunk or backseat of the car, then it might be risky to move it in the moving truck or ship plants. You will only be able to control a handful of conditions when you leave the plant in the truck and there are high chances that it will not be able to survive the unpredictable and rough moving conditions.

It is a nice idea to take a cutting of the plant and move it to the new place. By using this cutting, you can regrow the plant. However, make sure that the particular plant can be regrown with the cutting before doing so. Make sure that you take that part of the plant that can be regrown.

Stay Vigilant During Transport

If you are moving with plants during the summer season, stop frequently in shaded areas and put down the window to let the fresh air in. If the weather is cold, make sure that you maintain a comfortable temperature in the car. Never expose the indoor plants to direct sunlight or harsh winds. If you make a long stop, don’t leave them in the car and take them inside.

Most of the house plants are susceptible to temperature changes, so avoid temperature fluctuations at all costs. Monitor the plants throughout the trip and provide them care accordingly. If you’ve packed them properly and watered before leaving, they are good to survive for 24 to 48 hours, depending on the conditions.

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Unpack Them Without Any Delay

As soon as you arrive at your new home, unload the plants and get them inside the house. Do not take them out of the box, as it will take several hours before the shock is minimized. You don’t have to rush to place them in direct sunlight, but you can water your plants optimally, especially if you have traveled a long distance.

Show some patience as give your green friends some time to adjust to the new space. The change of climate and different weather conditions will affect them, so it is better to put them indoors for a few days. If some of your plants lose their leaves, you don’t have to panic, as this happens in relocation shock.

Moving, Packing, and Storage Services from Professional Movers

A lot of people may suggest that hiring a professional moving company will only disturb your budget and not provide proper protection to your plants. The widely believed notion is anything but true because, at GTA Moving Services, we ensure that your items are treated well and kept safe during the entire moving process.

Our team has been trained to tend to plants. Since they are living beings, the kind of care and attention they require is unique and different. We have the proper supplies and equipment to pack them and place them in the vehicle. To transport plants, favorable conditions are maintained so that they can survive.

All you need to do is place a call and book our appointment. Our team will be on the road to help you in no time. We can also provide a free quote if you tell us about your specific needs and requirements. Once you hire GTA Moving Services, the stress of moving becomes a thing of the past.

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