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Moving Services in Ajax

If you are searching for a moving company in Ajax that will go the extra mile to serve, look no further than GTA Moving. Boasting the most professional and well-trained personnel in the moving and storage industry, GTA Moving ensures that your belongings are safely packed and taken to their new destination without any problem.

We are experts in disassembling and assembling furniture items and systematically load the things on the truck. Upon arrival, our team carefully takes each object to the designated room with special care and places it wherever the client wishes to keep it. We also reassemble the furniture, taking an immense load off the clients' shoulders.

We have a Quality Assurance Agent who works with the movers in Ajax so that they deliver high-quality and accurate services. Our check and balance on each task leave no room for an error, giving a very stress-free experience to the clients. Our insurance policy covers your consignment from the time our professional movers and packers arrive in your driveway until your items are carefully unloaded.

Once you get a quote from our moving company in Ajax, Ontario, there is no change in the prices from the day the contract is signed to the date of service. We are also available to provide you with our moving and storage services within 60-90 minutes of placing an order.

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Piano Moving in Ajax

Ajax piano movingA piano is a massive and delicate musical instrument, making it very difficult to transport it from one place to another. No amateur can handle it, especially if the weight of the piano exceeds 1000 pounds. It is not just its size but also its sensitivity that poses a threat. Hire piano movers in Ajax and let the experts handle the task with their good service.

Ajax Storage

local moving in AjaxBeing the hardest task in moving, finding good packing services in Ajax takes a lot of research. GTA Moving has exceptional packing services and packs your belongings carefully and in an organized manner. There is no compromise on the quality of the packing supplies, including moving boxes in Ajax. Once packed, all the packages are labeled so that it is convenient for the clients to unpack them.

Office Moving

Commercial and office moving in AjaxBusiness moving can be more pressurizing as compared to a residential move. A company is burdened with the responsibility of carrying out the move efficiently, without any compromise on its business operations. Office moving in Ajax has never been so convenient. From meticulously packing your documents to moving the electronic appliances with care, our team will ensure a pleasant commercial moving experience for you.

Long-Distance Moving

long-distance moving in AjaxBeing an expert in long-distance moves, GTA Moving offers reasonable pricing and a free in-house quote, allowing you to budget your move efficiently. GTA Moving operates within 100 km around the GTA area and can organize moves up to 700 km away from Toronto. Your belongings are kept safe as our staff adheres to safe practices in long-distance moving.

How Much Does Ajax Moving Cost?

Ajax moving company gives you a free quote before making the deal, but once the contract is signed, there is no increase or decrease in the decided amount. The final price of the move is affected by plenty of factors, and a few of them have been listed below:

  • The total weight of the moving items and the distance of the move (over 450km or 280ml is considered a long-distance move).
  • The amount of labor required and the time it will take to pack, load, and deliver the items to the destination.
  • The number of team members taking part in the professional move.
  • The size of the truck required for the move.

A regular move starts from $349.99 for the first two hours, and $54.99 is charged for every succeeding 30 minutes.

Some services are subject to extra charges, including:

  • Disassembling and assembling of equipment and furniture.
  • Taking heavy items up or down an extra flight of stairs.

For more accurate prices and free estimation of your move, contact us by phone: (416) 523-6683

Starting from providing quality moving services, GTA Moving has also covered your packing and storage needs. Not only do we observe safe business practices issues by the Carriage of Goods Acts, but also our employers and their working experience are covered by WSIB. We observe safe business practices at all stages of the move.

Our Ajax movers follow an efficient communication system that speeds up the moving process, along with eliminating any chances of a mistake. We do not believe in wasting time and money of our clients. Through the moving process, our managers are available to deal with all the queries and concerns.

No other company in Ajax offers such affordable prices, along with providing high-quality and exemplary services. We also provide a free in-house estimate to the customers so that they have a clear idea about the costs before they hire us for the job. There is no change in the quote once the agreement is signed.

Reviews on Ajax Movers from GTA Moving Services

5 stars rating

“I was dreading this move because of my children, but Ajax movers made it a breeze for me. All the work was done professionally and without causing any trouble.”

Sarah Pollard

5 stars rating

“There are multiple Ajax moving companies, but I haven’t seen anyone offer such economical prices while ensuring high-quality services.”

James Cook

5 stars rating

“I was very impressed with GTA Moving’s customer service as no other movers in Ajax Ontario address the demands of the clients in such a way.”

Luke Swarm

5 stars rating

“After a lot of research, I was finally able to find such storage services in Ajax that are clean and have the desired level of security.”

Sam Morris

5 stars rating

“Many moving companies (Ajax Ontario) deal in local moves, but none of them have such a diverse range of services like GTA Moving has.”

Daniel Kim