How to move a refrigerator - some useful tips

How to Move a Refrigerator? Useful Tips to Make It Quick and Smooth

It is common knowledge that moving a kitchen has to be one of the most difficult tasks of moving. Dealing with pots, pans, and flatware isn’t the only thing that is going to take much of your time – you also have to be very careful as you move heavy appliances to their new home.

Refrigerators are huge and expensive. How to move a refrigerator? It is crucial to move a refrigerator safely and correctly to its new destination. Weighing somewhere between 150 to 350 pounds, refrigerators should be lifted carefully otherwise, the result might be scratched floor, bodily injuries, or a broken refrigerator.

If you’re so sure to take the DIY route, get proper knowledge of the entire process. Never assume that you’ll be able to do it all by yourself because this is at least a two-person job. You should also possess the correct tools to carry out the job. We’ll provide you a detailed guide on how to prep your fridge for the move and how to safely fit it in the new house.

Tips for Moving and Packing Refrigerators

Equip Yourself with the Right Supplies

Refrigerators are quite heavy and if you are determined to carry out the job yourself, you should have all the necessary equipment to carry out the task. A few key items include moving blankets, packing tape, appliance dolly, and bungee cords (also called moving straps).

If you are missing even one of the necessary items, you might not be able to move your fridge at all. Since it is an expensive household appliance, one should never take risks and perform the task only when all the important tools are available.

Measure the Corridors and Doorways

In ideal situations, it takes no time to move the refrigerator from the kitchen to the moving truck. But, this doesn’t happen in every case. Figure out the route you are going to choose when moving the fridge. Measure the length, width, and height of the refrigerator and compare it with the measurements of the doorways.

If the back door is big enough, you can save yourself plenty of time and take this alternate route. All this planning should be done way before time to avoid last-minute hassles. Remember that you might have to remove the doors from hinges to safely move the fridge.

Remove All Contents

Before you try to move the fridge, it is important to empty it of all the contents at least 24 hours earlier. If you have perishable items in it, consume them or give them away. Apart from food, trays and shelves should also be removed. The power cord of the fridge should be tied carefully to avoid any trips.

All these extra items inside the fridge not only increase its weight but will also rattle around. They will continuously shift the weight inside the fridge. Moreover, there is a danger of spills inside the fridge if all the food items aren’t removed. One doesn’t want additional messes while dealing with the tedious task of moving.

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Defrost the Fridge and Clean it

Unlike other appliances, you cannot just unplug the fridge and go as it may make the move disastrous. Once you’ve emptied the refrigerator, it’s time to clean. Remove all the drawers and shelves as they may get in the way of cleaning. Wipe all the surfaces and use vinegar or baking soda to get rid of odors.

Consult the manual of the fridge and follow the right instructions to defrost it. Usually, defrosting a fridge requires you to unplug it and disconnect the water and ice lines. While the fridge defrosts, puddles may form so keep extra towels in hand for cleaning. You can even use a hairdryer to get rid of the stubborn patches of ice in the freezer.

Close and Secure the Doors

It is crucial to pack the refrigerator properly before transporting it. If you don’t take proper care while packing your fridge, safety concerns may arise during the transit if the doors open accidentally. You may find a damaged or a broken fridge when it arrives at the new place.

Use a strong rope or a bungee cord to fasten the doors of the fridge and the freezer. If it’s a double-door fridge, tie the door handles. Do not use tape to secure the door as it may damage the finishing of the surface and even leave a residue.

Find Someone for Assistance

No matter how tempted you are to do it on your own, never try it. You might think that since it’s operated using a dolly, you don’t need anyone else but this is a wrong assumption. When lifting heavy objects, it is always better to take help from someone to ensure your own safety and that of the object.

Lifting heavy appliances and moving them through doors, narrow corridors, around corners, and downstairs is a tedious task. You would need a helping hand to ensure that your appliance doesn’t incur any damage and stays safe during transit.

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Slide the Fridge and Secure it to a Dolly

Many fridges have wheels, so you can easily slide them to the truck. But, there are chances that you might need furniture sliders so make sure that you have one. An appliance dolly is the most important piece of equipment as it can easily handle the weight and size of the fridge. One person can tilt the fridge and the other can slide the dolly underneath.

You can easily rent such equipment, so do not even think of moving the refrigerator without it. Don’t be tempted to buy the moving straps as they are not only dangerous but also expensive.

Tilt the Fridge and Gently Roll the Dolly

As you tilt the fridge, one thing to be sure of is that the top and bottom of the fridge should be even. To ensure that the fridge doesn’t slip from the base, tilt the fridge at a 45-degree angle but not more than it.

Take one step at a time while moving the refrigerator downstairs. Ask your helper to guide you through obstacles on the other side. Ease down the dolly on each successive step without getting too fast and keep communicating.

Loading the Fridge on the Truck

Use a plank or a truck ramp to slide the fridge into the truck. It is much easier to use a platform instead of hoisting the fridge on the truck. Once, you place the fridge inside, keep it in an upright position so that the coolant doesn’t leak.

Never make the mistake of laying the fridge on its side. An easier way out is to keep the fridge on the appliance dolly instead of tying it again on the truck. It also helps when you have to unload it.

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Place the Fridge at its New Space

You can take the refrigerator to its new place in the same way you moved it out of its old place. Be very careful while hoisting it down the truck or better use a trunk plank again. Keep the angle and position right to avoid any accident.

Once you’ve placed the refrigerator in the right spot, wait for three hours before plugging it. This allows the refrigerant to flow back into the compressor and you’ll be able to avoid any kind of damage to the appliance.

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Without worrying about anything and without going through the hassle of handling such a big object, your work will be done by experts. By organizing the entire move step by step and ensuring that everything is carried out following a definite plan, there are very bleak chances of anything going wrong during the process.

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