Moving Tips from residential Movers in Toronto

Important Tips for Residential Moving in Toronto

Normally, residential moving is something most people do not look forward to. A lot of hard work and preparation are involved, making this a stressful process. This is true, whether moving long distance or short. Knowing how to make your relocation easier is a way of reducing stress during this time. One way, hiring Toronto residential movers, which are able to do everything from packing to moving your belongings.

Preparing for residential relocation

Prior to moving, there is much to be done. Some of this includes:

  • Put change of address in at post office or can be done online.
  • Contact utility company about changing them over. This should be done as far in advance as possible.
  • Inform your employment, schools, and other places of importance of new address.
  • Acquire packing supplies. Moving companies have supplies available for purchase.

Packing before your residential move

When utilizing professional moving and packing services, your items will be packed right. Cardboard boxes used for packing are sturdy, ensuring all your belongings remain safe. If packing yourself, it is recommended to use boxes from moving services because supermarket boxes are not sturdy enough.

  • Put essentials, such as toiletries and clothing in a suitcase. Use this to live out of until after your move.
  • Try to pack by room if possible.
  • When packing items, be sure to use bubble wrap, sheets, pillows, towels, and blankets to separate pictures and protect fragile objects during transit.
  • When packing fragile plates, rather than laying them flat, stack them vertically.
  • Heavier items need to be packed in smaller boxes.
  • Use miscellaneous items (ones belonging to no particular room), for fillers with boxes. Place them into plastic bags marking what is in it.
  • Set some bed sheets and a few pillows in their own box so they are ready once you move in. Also pack a flashlight, and simple tools in this box. Be sure to label the box with “Open First” in large letters.

After packing each box, label them accordingly. Most common way is by black marker with room names on boxes. Be sure to label “fragile” on each box with breakable contents. Some people find placing the weight (heavy, medium, and light) on each box to be helpful.

Moving Day

If Toronto movers are employed, inform them which boxes you packed, making sure each box is labelled. Request box labelled “Open First” be loaded last, making sure they are available when arriving at your new home.

  • Confirm all your contact information with the movers Toronto, while obtaining theirs again as well.
  • Review all paperwork carefully, asking any questions if anything looks incorrect.
  • Be sure to maintain a copy for yourself.
  • Pack suitcase loaded with essentials in your private vehicle.

Following these tips, and employing professional moving services in Toronto will make your residential move manageable and stress free.