Our movers can help you with small moves in Toronto and the GTA. Whether you need condo moves of single items or long distance office moves, our company has a solution.

We provide more than mere moving

GTA Moving Services is a friendly team of small Toronto movers based in Toronto specializing in affordable and stress-free moves. Our promise is that our team will not only lighten the load for you physically but also mentally as we help to deal with every step of your move. We believe in fair and responsible trading which is why we offer free quotes and no-obligation estimates for our top quality moving services. You can find our online form on our website of local movers in Toronto HERE.

Get a free estimate for your small move

There’s a reason that GTA Moving Services has a reputation as the friendliest and most reliable company in Toronto. Our dedicated and experienced team of professional movers will begin the process by getting to know you and your furniture move requirements before they plan your move.

On time

Our movers will arrive on time.

Fair price

GTA Moving Services will give you the best and most accurate estimate beforehand.

Helpful customer support team

In order to know the exact cost of hiring our movers for your small move in Toronto, please contact our support team at (416) 523-6683.