How to choose Toronto moving company

Which Mover To Choose Among 12 Best  Moving Company in Toronto

With a span of over 630km, there’s plenty of Toronto to choose from - stunning skylines and wide open spaces offer the best of all worlds for young and old alike.

With such a large area to cover, choosing a moving company in Toronto Area can be tricky. Many rely on referrals from friends and family which is fine when moving the same kind of distance within the same kind of area but, this is rarely the case.

Mississagua Moving Services

When choosing a moving company, you need one which is specific to your needs and the distance to be traveled in order to make sure that you don’t incur steep extra charges. In addition, as covered widely in the media, there are, unfortunately, some unscrupulous and scam companies operating in the area which need to be avoided.

We know that when contemplating a move into or within Toronto, you’ve got enough to worry about without having to research moving companies and, being forewarned is being forearmed so, we’ve put together 12 of the best to help you navigate this moving minefield.

When registering as a moving company in Toronto, a firm has to fulfill some basic requirements including having basic insurance and being a member of the Canadian Association of Movers and, so, you can take it as read that all of the movers on our list fulfill these requirements.

GTA Moving Services

GTA Moving Services is one of the most popular and reliable long distance as well as local moving services in Toronto. Nationally recognized as a great franchise-based local, long distance and international removal company, GTA Moving Services specializes in outstanding customer service and efficient and reliable moving of furniture and household equipment, including specialist equipment. It also provides storage and packing services, and special solutions for office, commercial, and piano moving.

I have used GTA Movers twice and I’m completely satisfied with their services. I would definitely opt to work with them over any other moving company. The service was punctual and professional including a pre-emptive walkthrough to ensure that everything went smoothly on the day.

You Move Me

You Move Me – Despite the lighthearted name, You Move Me are a supremely professional moving company offering a comprehensive moving service including free packaging, expert advice, and even coffee supply during that long moving day.

A team of three friendly and efficient professionals was sent over to get me packed and ready for moving. My only complaint would be that the initial quote was out by about 50 percent so I would suggest double checking the price before committing. Overall though, a great job.

Firemen Movers

Firemen Movers – One of the hottest moving companies in Toronto, Firemen Movers is entirely run and staffed by former professional firefighters. Firemen Movers offer a reliable and reasonably priced moving and storage service for the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

We used Firemen movers moved us for our recent move and couldn’t have been more satisfied. The staff were very efficient and friendly and made the effort to listen to us. Punctual, professional and cost-effective, I wouldn’t hesitate to call on them again.

Angel Movers

Angel Movers – Toronto moving company which supplies free wardrobe boxes and tools for easy dismantling and moving. The name is Angel and most of the service provided is heavenly with friendly and courteous staff and punctual service - be careful when booking as prices are not always transparent.

I used Angel movers twice and, both times they were professional and reliable with transparent pricing. Overall, Angel Movers made what can be an unpleasant experience, a lot more bearable and I would definitely use them again.

Cargo Cabbie

Cargo Cabbie – This award-winning moving company has scored Best Mover in Toronto for five years running. Professional and punctual, Cargo Cabbie does not charge for travel within the downtown Toronto area.

Cargo Cabbie replied to our request promptly and was very efficient when planning our office move. On moving day, the team was punctual, professional and friendly and made our stressful office move a pleasant experience.

Collins and Greig

Collins and Greig – Small and perfectly formed, Collins and Greig is family run operation offering a free visual survey and written estimate prior to your move as well as help with packing and removal of surplus packaging and boxes to make your moving day go a little more smoothly.

I booked Collins and Greig because I believe in supporting small, local companies but, unfortunately, my experience was not a good one as I suffered broken promises, lost shipments and extra costs. I will be using a larger, established company in the future, however, I am assured that the company is working to fix these problems.

Energy Crew

Energy Crew – is a cost-effective removal solution for those looking to make a move on a budget. Energy Crew offers a ‘3 for 2’ deal on moving staff on selected dates when booked before the 25th of any month. Subsequent to the first $150, the moving services are on a pay-as-you-go basis. The crew also offer blanket wrapping of delicate furniture for extra safety.

Overall a great service from Energy Crew for the two moves that I booked with them. The staff, particularly Junior, were courteous, friendly and professional and the moves were efficient and punctual and head office communication was great. All equipment, including a large LCD TV, was moved safely but, unfortunately, we did suffer a small scratch to one leather sofa. I would definitely use Energy Crew again but would advise anybody with delicate or valuable belongings to speak to the staff beforehand to ensure that this property is handled and moved without damage.

Hercules Moving Company

Hercules Moving Company is a giant of a moving company in Toronto offering a full and comprehensive moving solution including wrapping, packing, disassembly, and assembly of furniture at great prices with no hidden costs. Hercules also employs a specialist crew for moving pianos to ensure that resident maestro stays in tune after the move.

Fast, efficient and friendly despite temperatures of minus 30, Hercules staff were at our house within the hour and quickly got us packed and loaded into the truck. All of our furniture, white goods and, even our beloved piano, were moved with care and attention from our old house to our new. We’ll always be extremely grateful for their speed, attention to detail and good humor on a bitterly cold evening.


Rent-a-Son – Despite the dubious name, this is an economical solution for those looking to make a move within a limited budget. Services including packing and packaging and the website gives details of a comprehensive mover training program for peace of mind.

Although my experience didn’t live up to the outstanding reviews on the website, Rent-a-Son’s staff did work quickly and were friendly and personable. Unfortunately, they arrived extremely late and, to add insult to injury, caused damage when attempting (and failing) to reassemble my sofa. In their defense, they did compensate me as well as sending somebody to put the sofa together afterward. I would give Rent-a-Son another chance but would want some assurances from head office first.

Two Men and a Truck

Two Men and a Truck – is a Toronto based company offering a number of services including packaging, the supply of packaging materials, storage and local and long distance moving. The company is also able to offer on request, specialist services such as piano storage and moving. Although the website features a mover’s bill of rights, no pricing schedule is included and so quotes must be sought from head office either by email or by telephone.

Although I had to chase head office staff a little, when the five-star team arrived they did an excellent job and treated my belongings like they were their own. Unfortunately, I was surprised to see that an extra $600 above the quoted prices was charged onto my credit card but this was rectified quickly by staff.

Two Small Men with Big Hearts

Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving – Moving service in Toronto offering packing boxes and packaging, and door to door moving within the Toronto area. The company claims to have moved over 100,000 people during its time in business. Unfortunately, the name should include ‘Too small trucks’ as the company only offers a moving truck to a certain size.

Although this service was cost effective which was one of the main reasons for my choosing them, the experience itself was frustrating and disappointing. Not only did the movers arrive unprepared (no tools for furniture disassembly) but the truck provided was not big enough for all of my belongings, resulting in two trips being made which added to the moving time. I had great hopes when I booked this company and sincerely hope that they are able to address the issues in the future.

Your Friend with a Cube Van

Your Friend With A Cube Van – Possibly the winner of the oddest name for a moving company in Toronto, Your Friend With A Cube Van’s specialty niche is condo and apartment moves. Ideal for those moving in and out of small spaces without a great deal of bulky furniture, the company offers reliability, friendly staff and competitive pricing.

I was delighted with the service from this company - from the staff at head office to the movers themselves, everyone was friendly, courteous and professional. The move went without a hitch and, I even received an unexpected discount because it turned out that I was moving less stuff than was expected. Would not hesitate to recommend this company.