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How to pack glass for moving

This is how to pack glassware - crystal glasses and other super fragile items when moving. Useful tips to know the best way to wrap and pack glasses.

Books and how to pack them for moving

Do not know how to pack your books for moving? We know that relocation to a new place can be a stressful time for book enthusiasts.

Checklist for moving to a new house

Changing home? It’s time to get your ultimate checklist for moving to a new house ready. Grab a pen and paper and read on!

Moving plants

Are you not willing to leave your dear plants behind as you move to a new home? Read our guide to find out how you can transport them safely.

Eco-Friendly Moving

The idea of becoming eco-friendly is gaining more popularity with time, and people have become conscious of their carbon footprint.

How to move clothes - best tips

How to move clothes? With so many big items to move, it’s easy to forget about what’s inside the drawers.

How to pack dishes when moving

Do you want to protect your expensive crockery and mother’s priceless heirlooms during the move? Read on to find out how to pack dishes for moving.

 Donating furniture in Toronto

Donating furniture in Toronto can be the perfect solution if you have items to get rid of. There is an easy temptation to just throw out the furniture you don’t need—but this doesn’t need to be your main option.

How to move a piano - simple instructions

How to move a piano safely and on your own? Read our simple instructions and piano moving tips!

How to move a refrigerator

As you move to your new house, are you regretting your decision of buying a full-size fridge? Here are a few quick tips to let you know how to move a fridge smoothly.

Home Staging Tips

Many people consider staging a house to be optional, but it really shouldn't be because you're dealing with such a huge financial transaction.

How to Move out

How to move out of your parents' house? Read our full guide of 14 important steps and make the process as stress-free as possible!

How to decide where you want to live

Finding the perfect place to live has a huge impact on the quality of life. It influences the lifestyle we live, the hobbies we pursue, and the kind of friends we make.

Moving furniture by yourself

Moving heavy furniture is not a routine activity, so one has to be really careful, and carry out the process without putting one's safety and well-being in danger. Read our useful guide on how to move heavy furniture by yourself.

Changing addresses when moving

Changing addresses when moving is not an everyday occurrence. Some people live their entire lives without having to go through this process. So, here's what you can start with: a change of address checklist.