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Moving overseas tips

Moving abroad can be a daunting prospect; here is a checklist of essential things to do prior to your move to help things go as smoothly as possible.

Moving your office

Moving a corporation may actually be more stressful than moving your home and family. You may not have control over many aspects in a corporate move because you must follow a certain guideline that is provided by the company.

How to pack up a house

When facing a residential move across the country, packing for a move will become, willingly or unwillingly, your action sport to keep your adrenaline pumping through your veins the way you like it. Without a shadow of a moving doubt, packing is the most arduous moving task during the entire relocation preparation.

Moving across country advice

To move to a new residence that is located hundreds or thousands of miles away is definitely not something you can joke about – the mere thought that so many things could go wrong during that intensely transitional period is enough to send you into a state of panic. This is exactly why we’ve created this seriously important moving across country checklist so that you can take your long distance move seriously.

Moving a piano

Some statements are so obvious and well-known that saying them out loud can often cause people to roll their eyes or maybe even answer back in a sarcastic way. Anything from “The sun rises from the east.” through “Oceans are deep and dangerous to swim in.” to “Pianos are difficult to move to another house.” can make people look in disbelief at the person who has just uttered these enlightening words and shoot back, “No kidding!”.