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Even with a professional moving services to take care of the move, the outcome will likely still be hugely dependent on the amount of preparation undertaken.


This is often the first step when moving. It is not a luxury everyone enjoys, but those for who have the chance to schedule, the first thing they should think about is moving outside the peak season. The summer, with most individuals and families on holiday, is normally the peak period for the moving industry. It might also be prudent to avoid the end of the month rush because this is the time most people have their leases or business processes coming to an end.


The approach to packing determines the safety of items during the move, so naturally this is the biggest worry for many home and business owners. Still, it might be prudent to let the professionals handle everything with packing services. Carriers normally do not accept liability for damage to items packed by the owners.

International moving requires serious decluttering; packing might be complicated by items that have far outlived their usefulness. Decide in advance what to take and what to leave behind to ease the process.

Another important packing consideration has to do with customs restrictions. Different countries have different restrictions, and one must be aware of what they can and cannot ship into their destination country. In general, items like explosives and hazardous materials, as well as perishables, flammable materials, corrosives, and food products should be avoided. Think about electrical standards, as some appliances might not work in some countries.

During the actual day of the packing, it is important to be present. The moving services will almost always want to go through everything with the homeowner. They’ll have them point out anything that might be fragile or anything they might want left behind. One habit many movers find irritating is when home or business owners move everything into one pile or room in preparation for the move. Have everything in place throughout the house, it is easier this way.

Those who still wish to pack things themselves might want to think about the following:

  • Self-packed items cannot be insured
  • Make a list of everything packed into every box and label the boxes
  • Do not pack heavy boxes, as they are more difficult to handle and susceptible to damage
  • Keep the keys for trunks and suitcases ready for customs officials
  • Remove items that will be needed during the journey


This is an often overlooked aspect of the moving process. International moves with pets present special challenges. Have the right paperwork detailing import and export permits, be ready to provide proof of veterinary visits, and choose a special carrier that meets airline regulations. Different destinations have different rules concerning health permits. In some cases, pets might have to be kept in quarantine for some time.

Make this easier for yourself by carefully choosing your international moving company. When moving with pets, choose a company that has the pet’s move integrated into the moving services they offer.

Moving house or a business across international borders might seem tedious, but there are ways to make it easier. In the end, the level of preparation that goes into the move will determine the outcome.


International moving companies are different from your typical local movers. Even though most of them offer both local and international moving servicesinternational moving services involve packing, storage, transportation or shipping, and delivery of one’s items to overseas locations.

Some even go as far as securing services at your destination, which help companies or individuals find homes or offices overseas, schools for the kids, safe neighborhoods to live in, assistance with customs, moving bank accounts, and so on. All of these depend, obviously, on the budget available to the person moving.

At a more basic level, though, it is important to understand the players involved in the moving process before getting into just how the process works.

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This is the individual who is moving house or relocating their business from one country to another. Most people move for job or business related reasons, but reasons may vary. You might be attending a school in a foreign country, seeking a new adventure, or moving back home after a long stint abroad. The reason the transferee gives for moving will determine a lot, including what is to be packed, how urgent the services are required, and the budget.


Most people moving internationally are moving a business, or for job related reasons, usually have a corporate account involved. When a company sends an individual across the world, typically they pay for the move and ensure they’re settled in their new house.

Even though it might be the transferee themselves dealing with the moving company, the corporate account typically has a huge bearing on how the move goes. The destination they are posted to, for instance, might have strict rules governing shipment of certain items. The budget they are allowed might only allow them to share containers, or the funding might be substantial enough to have them rent their own shipping container.




Booking agents act as the front for the company that is ultimately involved in the move. They will be the contact person throughout the moving process, responsible for answering questions, explaining the contract, and taking the transferee through the process and the terms and conditions.


These are the experts involved in the actual move. They normally work behind the scenes, but it is important for the transferee to meet them at least twice. The first time they meet should be when the moving company is surveying the house and then the second time during the packing process. The moving company is responsible for both the origin and destination agents used during the move.

The origin agent performs the pre-survey and packs, loads, stores, and transports the items to be shipped. The destination agent is in charge of the customs clearance, delivery to the client’s home, unloading, unpacking, and placement of items in the new home according to the requirements of the transferee. The origin agent might also be responsible for local transportation because of their expertise. Transportation can be by air, road, rail, sea, or a combination of everything. Understanding just who does what is critical to the understanding of how the process works.


International relocation requires a lot work, and without the right guidance, many end up making unwise decisions. The right international moving company is absolutely important, but so are the following points.


Whatever happens before the move influences the outcome of the actual moving process. With regards to the move, invest in the best possible pre-move inspection. Often, the moving company will either send their representatives, require a report of what exactly they will be moving, or both. Whatever the case, it pays to make the pre-move inspection process as seamless as possible.

It might seem like a good idea to move everything to one room in preparation, but most movers actually prefer everything left as it has been. Also, while packing seems like a good idea on one’s own, remember that many companies do not accept liability for anything they have not packed themselves.

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Letting the company packing service everything themselves does not mean leaving the packing to the last minute. Leave everything as it has been in the house for the sake of the inspection, but it does not hurt to do a little preparation.

Do not leave the whole process for the last day. Organization is the key to a good move. Organize the items that are not used regularly before the movers arrive. It might also help to declutter before the move to reduce the amount of work and cost of the move. Items that are no longer useful but might still be valuable to others can be sold off or given away to friends and relatives.


Chances are that when one arrives at their destination, either their items will not have arrived or might not cleared customs. Sometimes, the items have arrived, but they might find it difficult to find a suitable house. It is ill-advised to rush into buying a new house before surveying and getting used to an area. With this in mind, it might be prudent to arrange for temporary accommodations at the destination long before the actual move.




In many cases, an international move is for job-related purposes, so naturally this is what one will think about. Still, those with families must think about life outside of the workplace, especially where kids are concerned. Think about social amenities like playgrounds and parks and the neighbors and schools in the area that a child will attend. Living close to your child’s school makes the adjustment easier. Most times, when the family moves, one spouse will have to quit their job. To make them more comfortable, find a job for them locally and have them contributing to the family income.


This is not something many people think about when they organize a move, especially where there are children involved. When moving to a new country, especially one where there are different belief systems and cultures, the culture shock might be huge. Learn about everything the new environment offers to avoid surprises. Involve the kids and explore the cultural differences as a family.

There will likely be many other things to think about, depending on the family and the destination. The aforementioned topics are some of the more important ones, however.


If this is your first time hiring a moving company, you may have many questions. Where do you look for professional Toronto movers? Who can be trusted with all your personal belongings? With so much at stake, you do not just want to hand your belongings over to the first moving company in Google search results. Even if you hired movers in the past, you may not be sure if prices and services received were the best. Just as it is in every other industry, moving companies in Toronto have a broad range in choice and quality of services offered.


Normally, moving is something most people do not look forward to. A lot of hard work and preparation are involved, making this a stressful process. This is true, whether moving long distance or short. Knowing how to make your relocation easier is a way of reducing stress during this time. One way, employing Toronto movers, which are able to do everything from packing to moving your belongings.

How to find Movers in Toronto

You have a new house and starting the moving process. The first step is finding reliable movers in Toronto, which may seem like a daunting task, but when it comes to all your personal belongings, it is well worth the work.

Packing Tips for Moving

Have you purchased a new home recently and are ready to move? If so, you will quickly discover that the actual process of moving is not nearly as appealing as the idea of it. The solution is to use a few of the tips highlighted here to make your move as stress free and seamless as possible. If you need more help, then Toronto movers may also be of use.

Office move preparations

When you have an office move in your near future, you need to find a moving company that you can trust for a complete and quality experience. No matter how far you need to transport your office, you need commercial Toronto movers you can trust to execute the move with professionalism and efficiency.

Common office relocation mistakes

Common Office Relocation Mistakes

Relocating your office is a big deal that demands planning, attention to detail and the help of superior Toronto movers. However, the same mistakes are seen time and time again, due to simply not taking the time to get everything in order for the move. If you want to avoid the headache, stress and frustration that can go along with an office move, be sure to avoid the mistakes highlighted here.

Mistake: Not Planning in Advance

Moving your office is a complex project that has a number of different moving parts. It takes a good deal of advanced planning in order to coordinate all the deadlines, find the appropriate new space, handle the legalities of the new office lease and find quality commercial movers for assistance with the process.

Mistake: Ignoring or Forgetting the Legalities

If you simply sign a lease for a new office space without first having it looked at for legal issues, this can lead to dire consequences down the road. It is highly recommended that you have your new lease reviewed by a legal professional prior to signing.

Mistake: Ineffective IT Relocation

Some of the most vital portions of your business include the phones, computers and other IT equipment. If you do not have these, the entire running of your business can significantly suffer. If you do not carefully plan out your IT relocation thoroughly, then it may result in the computers and phones not working properly when you get into your new office.

Mistake: Hiring a “Cheap” Commercial Mover

Hiring a cheap, or “bargain” mover needs to be avoided. There are a number of failed office moves that are the direct result of a cheap office mover. You need to resist the temptation of this low price tag because this is a situation where you will definitely get what you pay for. When you take time to select a quality and reputable commercial Toronto movers, it will pay off in the end. You can feel confident that you can avoid long periods of business disruption.
Professionals will offer a number of quality services to ensure that your office move is as seamless and stress-free as possible. They will plan, organize and execute the move quickly and efficiently providing safe, skilled and trained movers in Toronto that will minimize the amount of downtime your business experiences. Paying professionals for this type of work will be more than worth it in the long run. Finding the right moving company will require a bit of research but it will be well worth it.

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