Choosing a Reliable International Moving Company

Moving locally is tedious and time consuming, but for those looking to relocate internationally, the process can be a nightmare. Most people move for the job, and the lucky ones will likely have their employer arrange and pay for everything.

Without these, it is important to choose a reliable moving company. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing a moving company.


When choosing a moving company, or any service provision company for that matter, the standard operating procedure is to shop around. For an international move, get at least three separate estimates from different companies.

Long distance


For the person moving for the first time, this is the difficult part. An easy way around it is to ask for recommendations from friends and family, or acquaintances who have moved internationally. Ask them which company they used, and whether the services they received were satisfactory. This helps in the comparison of such elements as price and services included, as well as the availability and scope of the moving company.

While at it, also ask about the different companies’ experiences in the international moving market. Check past customer recommendations and reviews. Using this research, it is easy to choose the company that fits the budget and service requirements of your move.

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The little details

On paper, most companies seem to offer the same services, but individuals will always have varied needs. When making comparisons, look out for the little details that might make a difference to the overall outcome of the move. For instance, homeowners with antiques might want to consider moving companies that have experience with or specialize in moving these items. Ask them about the following common variations in the moving process:

  • Are port and border processing fees included?
  • Do you get your own container packaging or will you share with other customers?
  • Is packing and unpacking included?
  • How long will it take to complete the move?


All across the world, there are national and international bodies that accredit moving companies. Not every company is a member of such and organization, but it helps to choose one that is. To be accredited by such bodies, companies have to prove their ability to comply with strict requirements and must be assessed by auditors after some time. Such bodies also require their member companies to have insurance and protection measures in place.

The other end

Most of the time, customers are only exposed to the individuals who pack and load their belonging at one end of the journey. The people involved in the unpacking and unloading are also just as important. Ask them about this, and make sure they specify whether it will be their staff or if the job will be outsourced.

The contract

Not that this is always the case, but a lot can go wrong during an international move. With this in mind, it is unwise to proceed without a contract in writing. Understand the full terms and conditions and get everything in writing before proceeding. Have a no-obligation quote included, and check that all the dates and cost details are clearly shown.

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