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Your Cross Country Mover in Canada

We are a team of skilled cross country movers in Canada. We have a long history and experience in moving across the nation, which positions us as one of the best full service companies in the market. You will find all the professionalism you are looking for with us. Not only do we have vehicles that are completely suitable for cross country moving services; but also a team of professionals with the corresponding capacity to provide the service. Having so many kilometers to be traversed, it's crucial for your belongings to be securely handled by experts. Our moving company is the right one for you if you are looking for transportation in the aforementioned style.

We can carry out both private and business moving services. At the moment, GTA Moving Services operates in Canada, working within 100km around GTA and we can organize moves up to 700km away from Toronto. Our services within Canada are completely customizable so you can choose those options that meet your needs. Book professional cross country movers today!

Areas We Service

Our cross country movers working in different areas of Greater Toronto including the following:

How to Book a Cross Canada Relocation Service

It is very simple, you just have to contact us by phone call, email, or by completing the form. You should indicate the services you need, including any additional services such as packing kits and storage, as well as the point of departure and destination.

Why Choose GTA Moving Services

  • Surely you want all your things to arrive safely in your new home. The safety of your belongings is our priority;
  • We offer a secure storage facility;
  • Secure packing;
  • Affordable prices;
  • Free in-house estimate;
  • An efficient communication system.

Cross Country Moving Rates Within Canada

Relocating in North America can be pricey because of the great distances to be covered. Notwithstanding, you can surely lower costs for moving across the nation. Knowing what’s exactly included in the price of your move saves money.

Very long distance moves from Toronto can give the impression of the price being so exorbitant that you may think about doing it on your own by renting a truck.

In fact, when you hire a cost-efficient cross country moving company in Canada, the free estimate will allow you to understand that your concern was unfounded and, in hindsight, looks profoundly mistaken. No hidden costs will be charged. The cost agreed upon will not vary at any time during your relocation. Making sure the rates don’t suddenly rise is a very useful feature.

Multiple factors are likely to weigh heavily on the final price. For instance, a relocation between GTA and Ottawa will be $2299.99 - 10 hours, and relocation between GTA and Montreal will cost $2699.99 - 10 hours. That’s why you have to contact our customer service for a free estimate of your move. Please, keep in mind that in order to know precise moving quotes, we need to directly see or know the exact dimensions of the items you would like to relocate. If any piece of furniture or equipment has to be disassembled or assembled, you will have to pay an additional fee.

*Remember that to get an accurate estimate for every particular client and move, we need to visit your home.

Other Our Moving Services

Cross Country Piano Moving

Piano Cross Country Moving ServiceWe are piano movers carrying out cross-country relocations. A piano is a valuable and delicate object that requires a special moving service with special equipment. It is also better to entrust your piano to an experienced professional to avoid accidents. All this is especially important when you are moving long-distance. Luckily, we offer this service in Canada, which means you can have your piano moved securely across the country!

Cross Country Office Moving

cross country commercial movingEvery business needs to adapt to survive and grow. This means moving your offices to a better location. Sometimes the new office is located on the other end of the country. In which our services come in handy. Commercial moving is much more complex than a house move. Due to the complexity and urgency that characterizes a change of office, it is highly recommended to hire one of the skilled moving companies in Canada to help you.

Moving Bin Rental

moving bins rentalThe best form of protecting belongings while relocating is using moving bins. These waterproof, durable plastic boxes can be loaded with content weighing up to 36 kg or 80 lbs. Renting a few of these containers is oftentimes an essential part of safely moving across the nation. Sturdy containers can be essential with local moving, let alone moving at a very long distance. For example, when moving from Toronto to Vancouver.

Storage Services

storage servicesNeed a storage service while moving across Canada? During a move, there could be a very short time between the date of departure from the old house and the date of arrival at the new one. When this happens, you must find a safe place for your stuff. The moving and storage service is also useful when you move abroad for a short period and do not want to take your belongings with you. Our storage prices range from $60 per month for a 5‘ X 5’ storage unit to $360 for a 10‘ X 30’ storage unit.

Packing Services

packing servicesSome items require special protection. Antique, fragile objects, or belongings with sentimental value need extra packaging and wrapping. Additionally, items that are very heavy or bulky may require special equipment for transportation. We provide packing services for those who wish to relocate across the country. Every single item of yours will be securely packed and delivered to its destination.


Dan Gutov, a customer in Toronto
5 stars rating

“Good moving company with services worth the price. Had a move with them, stored belongings in a self-storage unit.”

Patty Malicoat
5 stars rating

“They are the most reliable cross Canada movers in the entire Toronto.”

Braden Brooks, a customer in Hamilton
5 stars rating

“I am thankful to this company for transporting my piano safe and sound to my new destination without any scratch.”

Aisha Azra, a customer in Mississauga
5 stars rating

“Due to some renovation, we required a storage facility for storing all our household goods. They proved out to be the best storage facility providers that met our requirements.”

Edward A. Welby
5 stars rating

“I am literally feeling secure and safe with these folks. Highly recommended business for moving. The most reliable cross-country relocation services in Canada!”